Hello everyone! Yes, it is actually me...Luke! I have finally returned to The TV Ratings Guide after a long, stressful semester in school. The end of the season is already here and NBC will be announcing its Fall 2017 schedule on May 14. Because of this, it is time to make my final predictions on the fates of NBC's current shows. Take a look below to see if your show is in danger of cancellation!

  • Show title (Percent chance of renewal)

  • Emerald City
  • Grimm
  • Powerless (0%)
  • Great News (10%)
  • The Blacklist: Redemption (15%)
  • Timeless (30%)
  • Trial & Error (40%)
  • Taken (45%)
  • Blindspot (49%)
  • The Blacklist (65%)
  • Chicago Justice (70%)
  • Chicago Med (85%)
  • Law & Order: SVU (99%)
  • Chicago P.D. (100%)
  • Chicago Fire (100%)
  • The Good Place
  • Shades of Blue
  • Superstore
  • This Is Us

Powerless, Great News, and The Blacklist: Redemption are the 3 shows I feel very confident about with my prediction of cancellation. I just do not see any reality in which they get renewed, for there is simply no need for any of them. However, the rest of the predicted cancellations are where it gets a little more tricky.

There have been multiple reports of Timeless looking likely to return. These reports state that the strong fan base and the possibility of taking an earlier time slot on Friday nights are what can save this show. However, I have been saying Timeless will be getting canceled almost all season now and I do not want to change my prediction now. Last season, the NBC Renew/Cancel Watch predicted every single show's fate correctly...EXCEPT for The Mysteries of Laura. I had The Mysteries of Laura listed as a likely cancellation for almost the entire season but decided to switch it last minute to "renewal predicted" during my final predictions because of a few reports similar to those of Timeless. I do not want to make the same mistake once again, so I will be keeping my prediction for Timeless the same. I am going to be calling this "The Laura Mistake."

Trial & Error, Taken, and Blindspot are the three shows with a "cancellation predicted" label that are a bit closer to the renewal reality. Of the three, I believe that Blindspot has the best shot at returning. This definitely has a high chance of being an incorrect prediction for me. However I am sticking to my prediction of cancellation (see: The Laura Mistake). Taken also has multiple reports of a likely return because of cheap costs due to the fact that it is a co-production and could be placed in the summer. Once again, though, I am sticking to my prediction of a cancellation (Again, see: The Laura Mistake). I am a little more confident about my prediction for Trial & Error, but I could definitely be wrong about this one as well. NBC is likely expanding their comedy hours next season, so they might be wanting to renew another comedy in addition to Superstore and The Good Place. Trial & Error would be perfect to share time slots with The Good Place (both would most likely have 13 episodes), but I believe that NBC will probably be launching a new comedy instead of keeping Trial & Error around.

The Blacklist was once a huge hit for NBC, but then fell into just a "solid performer." Today, the show is certainly much less than a "solid performer" for NBC, but will likely AT LEAST receive a 13-episode final season. The Blacklist could easily be utilized on Friday nights or Sundays midseason, so expect this show to grab the renewal.

Some recent reports have suggested that one of Chicago Med or Chicago Justice will be getting the axe, but I still believe they will both be renewed. If one of them WERE to be cut, however, my money would be on Chicago Justice. You can feel a little more confident for Med, but definitely don't get too stressed about either of their fates.

Finally, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Law & Order: SVU are the three shows will certain renewal status. Fire and P.D. are listed with 100% renewal chances, while SVU has a 99%. This is only because of how old SVU is, which often makes contract agreements a little more complex. The chance of SVU not getting renewed is still very minimal, though (only 1%!). Prepare for another Dick Wolf-filled NBC schedule this fall!



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