Bull S1E20 Review

Most of this season's episodes of Bull have dealt with things like lawsuits. But this week, like the pilot and a couple other episodes, deals with a murder trial.

S1E20 "Make Me"

The episode begins by showing us the murder that will be talked about throughout the episode, as a man suddenly kills his father using a golf club. However, he pleads not guilty, and seems to believe what he is saying. Bull decides to take the case, after he discovers that the young man is highly susceptible to hypnotism.

Bull and the attorney he uses try to figure out which jurors are easily influenced by the power of suggestion. Meanwhile, Chunk and Danny visit the cult that the person who killed his father was a part of. Since the people from the cult have taken an interest in Chunk, he is chosen to infiltrate the cult. Meanwhile, Bull talks to the son, and discovers that he was supposed to be in a session when he killed his father, so it's possible that the cult leader was the target, not the father.

In court, Bull tells the attorney to use the word "red" frequently, so that the jurors start to see the color frequently. However this caused me to not focus on anything else in the scene, just waiting for the next time the word "red" was going to be said, and even in the scenes after, they put a distracting amount of red, at least I found it distracting. For me, act four was all about red. Oh, and at the end of the act Chunk finds out that the cult leader knows he works for Bull.

The power of hypnosis is demonstrated in court, and it is shown how that was used on the son. There is also an interaction between Bull and the cult leader, and the way that they talk to each other feels odd, since they haven't interacted before, but they talked as if they had. At the end of the episode, Benny tells Bull what has been bothering him, that he is being investigated.

The episode hardly dealt with the jury, just a few moments and nothing regarding individual jurors. It's a shame that the show has been doing that so often, as one of the things I was most interested in with this show is that jury analyzing. The case, however, was an interesting one, and provided a logically placed turn as to how they were approaching it. Still, there were some moments through the episode that I did not care for.

Score: 6.5/10

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