Bull S1E18 Review

This week, Bull defends someone accused of killing a model.

S1E18 "Dressed to Kill"

At the start of the episode, Bull and Chunk go to a fashion show, where one of the models ends up collapsing. It turns out that she died, and arsenic is found in her dress. Bull wants to defend the person accused of murdering the model, which Chunk doesn't like. The episode spends a lot of time (about eight minutes) setting this up, and even with introducing the personal connection Chunk had with the model, it took much longer than it needed to take.

Bull determines that they need left-brained people on the jury, and they end up with six practical people, two leaning practical, and four creative people. The team takes a look at the jurors, and decide on one that they need to win over, which requires a change in fashion for the client. Meanwhile, Bull and Marissa look into two people.

Bull and Marissa discover that the murdered model had a game-changer coming up, and Bull ends up deducing that it is shoes. However, the prosecution is also onto these shoes, and security footage gives Bull's client motive. This turns the jury, and Chunk, against them. Bull confronts the client about the shoes, and he says that he created the shoes, and that the model was intending to take the credit for it. Bull approaches the client later about using his fiance as a potential suspect for reasonable doubt, but he is strong opposed to this.

The client intends to run off, but Bull goes to convince him to stay and fight. Bull and Chunk accuse the fiance of murdering the model. It turns out that she didn't do it, as one thing she says lets Bull know who actually killed the model. Chunk annoyed me for the most part this week, but I loved when he chased down and tackled the person who really did it. At the end of the episode, Bull visits the Texan lawyer he likes, whose relationship status I am very unsure about considering how she isn't mentioned in the episodes she isn't in.

While a small amount of the episode dealt with jury selection and flipping a juror, it all proved pointless because the episode relied completely on investigation. Chunk's relationship to the case was a fairly typical plot device, and the rest of the supporting cast got little to do (aside from Marissa I suppose, though her scene of freaking out over the shoes was awful).

Score: 2.5/10

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