Superstore S2E19 Review

Bo comes to work at Cloud 9 this week, which is sure to be interesting.

S2E19 "Spring Cleaning"

Bo interviews for a job at Cloud 9, and it's very funny how poorly the interview goes. Bo plans to have the job for a short time and then quit, but the amount of money he wants to earn is unrealistic. It's very funny when Mateo has to deal with Bo, and then later when Bo compares Dina to Jack Bauer. Cheyenne ends up discovering Bo's plan to rob the store and talks him out of it. Despite there being some entertaining moments as there always is with Bo, this wasn't a very strong story.

After Jonah laughs at an unfunny joke that Glenn makes, he explains how he doesn't kiss up to Glenn, and how his daughter said that this morning. Jonah's explanation to Glenn of why he saw his daughter that morning is hilarious, a great scene in very Superstore-style. Jonah tries to spend time with Glenn, and it is hilarious when they ask each other questions. However, this gets Jonah in deeper than he had intended, as Glenn wants to make Jonah his assistant. Jonah ends up admitting that he doesn't want to spend that much time with Glenn, and Glenn understands. This episode has an interesting ending when Glenn discovers that he is going to have to lay off ten percent of his employees.

Amy and Garrett try to figure out who a woman in picture is, and there are some hilarious moments here, such as when they look up former Cloud 9 employees, and when Amy puts up the pictures on a whiteboard and talks about running plates. The conclusion to this story ends up being that she is a Cloud 9 model, which was a great way to end this story. I also loved how Garrett says that he still thinks he saw her naked, and Amy responds that he thinks he's seen everyone naked.

This week saw some strong pairings in Jonah and Glenn and in Amy and Garrett. I thought that Amy and Garrett worked especially well together. Bo made for some good jokes, but his story didn't feel very complete, and the focus on him lead to very little Mateo this week.

Score: 9/10

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