Shots Fired S1E5 Review

This week, Preston and Ashe look deeper into the police department.

S1E5 "Hour 5: Before the Storm"

Preston starts receiving pressure from the governor to focus on the case that he was initially supposed to be working. Ashe looks into a certain police officer, who transferred shortly after the Joey Campbell murder. Preston and Ashe discover that the police department runs tours through the black neighborhood, which surprises Preston, but not Ashe.

Ashe gets pulled over, where she is forced onto the ground, and then threatened. This is one of the stronger scenes of the episode, as it is well-acted and really sets out to show something. Now with a larger suspect list, the witness to Joey's shooting is able to identify the killer. This is finally something significant that has been accomplished in the show, a rarity it seems.

The two mothers go onto a show, but don't like the questions that they are asked, because they want it to be about their sons. In an emotional scene, Jesse's mother considers killing herself, but ends up deciding not to. Also, the pastor and the governor disagree about how to accomplish things, and the scene where the two of them talk is moderately entertaining.

While not as much was accomplished as I would have liked, there was some significant progress in the investigation, and this episode had some strong scenes, such as the suicide attempt one, the discussion between the pastor and the governor, and when Ashe is pulled over.

Score: 5.5/10

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