Bull S1E19 Review

After the death of a cheerleader, Bull ends up working for the person who is accused of killing her.

S1E19 "Bring it On"

Bull and his team get pressured into a case when an attorney accused of killing his fiance mentions on television that he has hired Bull. Bull talks to the attorney, and after this Bull believes that he is innocent. They discover that jurors who are far from narcissistic would be the most sympathetic with the attorney. It's an interesting tidbit, but I want more. The attorney doesn't trust Bull's analysis of the jury, and their bickering leads them accidentally saying that the jury is acceptable. This is something the show has done multiple times before in its short, eighteen episode history. The jury is swung one way and the other by stunts played by the lawyers on both sides.

The attorney calls himself as a witness, which is an interesting layer to this strange case, and there is a surprising development when Bull reveals that the fiance was not who she said she was. The attorney is found not guilty, and something that he had told Bull leads to him and the prosecution attorney finding the real killer. The ending is simple, and the connection that Bull finds the killer off of seems unlikely. The ending also plays out the show's desire to be a police procedural, rather than a legal one. It's okay to find the real killer when trying to prove the client not guilty, but tie it in to the case!

The episode had some seriously unoriginal elements, and did little digging into analyzing the jury. It was a fairly weak episode.

Score: 3.5/10

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