American Housewife Season 1 Episode 19 Review

On tonight's American Housewife, the Ottos attend a charity polo match, and Katie brings an old friend along with her.

Doris is trying to convince Katie to attend a polo match, but she doesn't want to go because it "isn't who she is". Oliver, however, is going to the event. Doris also convinces Anna-Kat, because horses. Now, Katie has to go. She tries to get her college roommate Billy to come, to give her someone to lean on. He agrees, but Greg really doesn't want him at their house. Neither does Oliver. When Billy arrives, he starts to get on Greg and Oliver's nerves. He's crass, rude, and immature. Wonderful.

Greg and Oliver plan on getting Billy back after he pulls a prank on Oliver. At school, Billy meets some of the annoying moms that drive Katie crazy. The mom of Taylor's boyfriend, Tara, blames his "terrible" A- on Taylor and she prohibits him from seeing Taylor. Billy and Katie have breakfast, and he is upset that she's changed. She's not the crazy party girl she once was. This causes Katie to drink at 9:30 AM, and steal an AirDancer, to show him that she hasn't changed. Of course, this makes Greg angry. When Billy gets in, he grabs a donut from Oliver. Greg and Oliver have stuffed it with toothpaste, but he doesn't notice. Later that night, Katie tells Greg that she'll be staying home. She asks Greg if he thinks she's changed. He tells her that she has, and that it's appropriate that she's done so.

At the polo match, Katie introduces Billy to Doris. Doris and Billy are not very impressed with each other. Tara sees Taylor and her boyfriend kissing, and she gets upset, which Katie loves. As the event is supposed to begin, Oliver is supposed to cut the ribbon. Unfortunately, he lost the scissors, which was of course done by Billy. They were in Tara's purse, which causes Doris and her to start arguing. Katie is getting really annoyed with Billy. Katie breaks up the fighting, and tells everyone that Billy stole the scissors. This makes Billy upset, and Katie tells him that these (the Westport moms) are her people. When Oliver goes to cut the ribbon, the scissors are gone once again. At the Otto house, Billy is getting ready to leave. Billy reveals that the toothpaste donut actually did get him, and he was sick for days.

This was another great episode for American Housewife. I wasn't crazy about Billy at first, but he grew on me by the end of the episode. I also really loved Doris this week, and I wish we would get more Doris-centric storylines on the show. I did miss Anna-Kat and Taylor this week, and they didn't get much screen time. Like always, they were great in the time they were given. I also liked that Greg and Oliver's storyline didn't get too much attention, since it was great in small doses.

Episode Score: 9/10
Episode Grade: A- (not that there's anything wrong with that, Tara)

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