Shots Fired S1E6 Review

They don't want to be another Ferguson, but this week it's looking like that may happen.

S1E6 "Hour 6: The Fire This Time"

Preston and Ashe want to investigate the connection between Jesse and Joey, but the police department shows them that the connection they found, the strain of weed, is just because of who sold it to them. Due to the riots, Preston and Ashe are given one more week to work on the case, when a new team will replace them. I like this time crunch being put on them, because the series has lacked in urgency so far. Also, Preston has an interesting conversation about Abraham Lincoln, giving us another perspective. I like that the show does that.

Ashe heads home to see her daughter, but she gets mad when she discovers that this is a supervised visit. She goes to court, where she argues that she can balance her work and being a mother. She gives an emotional argument as to why her daughter needs her, which is a compelling moment. This doesn't seem to help her case, much so she resorts to getting her ex to have sex with her, and then blackmails him. This was a good story, though it felt so disconnected from the main story of the series.

As the protesting increases, the governor is conflicted about what to do. The protesting turns to rioting, and the police try to contain it. The show does a great job of showing the intensity of these riots, and it gives us a really emotional moment when Joey's brother damages a police car, and then is taken by the police, as his mother cries out "no!" She ends up blaming Preston for this, because he gave them the delusion that they could get justice. That is an interesting perspective, and I'm glad the show gave us that.

This week's episode was stronger than the last few weeks. A lot more happened, especially as the episode went on, and Ashe's personal story wasn't just a repeat of what we already know, though it did feel disconnected from the rest.

Score: 7/10

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