Mom S4E18 Review

It turns out that Bonnie's mom had a big secret, and tonight Bonnie will discover it.

S4E18 "Tush Push and Some Radishes"

At the start of the episode, Jill teaches Christy how to line dance because she will be with a guy. There are some funny moments here, such as when Christy explains how she was able to be a stripper. Bonnie gets a call, and treats it like no big deal, but the others are surprised when Bonnie tells them that her mother died. Christy gets Bonnie to go to her mother's apartment when she mentions they could sell some of her things. There, Bonnie discovers a lot of money in the freezer, and it's funny when Bonnie and Chrsity count up this money, and debate on who gets it. Then, someone enters the apartment saying that it is his mother's.

Bonnie discovers that this is her half-brother, and that her mother kept him. Bonnie and him end up arguing about who had it worse, which is really funny. Jill visits Bonnie when she doesn't go to a meeting, and it's funny when she says she won't talk about Bonnie's mother, then talks about her mother. Jill gives Bonnie some advice that Marjorie had given to her, and Bonnie winds up taking it, writing a letter and reading it to her mother's grave. This scene is very captivating. Bonnie confesses that her mother isn't to blame for everything, and that is a very real and sincere moment. The ending of the episode is very funny, when Christy does her dead mom letter early.

This episode had some really funny moments, and the serious scene with Bonnie really great.

Score: 9.5/10

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