The Middle S8E19 Review

This week's episode deals with the fact that Lexi and Axl like each other, and it is also Charlie McDermott's directorial debut.

S8E19 "The Confirmation"

Frankie runs out of excuses to not have Brick confirmed, and it gets scheduled for the next weekend. Brick is not prepared, so she sends him to a wilderness weekend with Reverend TimTom. At the weekend, Brick meets Blake Ferguson, the person he was switched at birth with, and Brick gets excited about it, though Blake doesn't know about it. It's very funny when Reverend TimTom doesn't have a story about this.

The Fergusons visit the Hecks, and it's funny when Brick discovers that a lot of the things he likes have to do with his first month with the Fergusons. It's also funny when the Fergusons have a lot of specific memories about Brick, but the Hecks don't have any memories about Blake. Frankie thinks that Brick would rather live with the Fergusons, but Brick explains that famous authors come from interesting families, not boring ones like the Fergusons. This last scene also has a very funny joke about Axl wanting to freeze Sue's head when she dies.

Sue talks to Brad, and she discovers how good he is at discovering who likes who, specifically that Lexi likes Axl and that Sue likes Sean. The "striaghtdar" joke here is very funny. Sue and Brad try to get Lexi over Axl, but she keeps running off to make out with Axl. Their attempts are funny, especially when re-enacting the Friends opening.

Sue and Brad set Lexi up with a guy that Axl later describes as a better him, which is very funny. Axl gets the guy to leave, and ends up sending Sean away when he comes for Sue, and Axl thinks he's there for Lexi. I find it interesting that in the episode where Sue re-enacts the Friends opening, the Sue and Sean relationship has a Friends-like turn. Axl reveals that he likes Lexi, and it's funny to see Sue react to this, since she doesn't like it.

This episode provided two interesting and funny stories, and the advancement of the romances of the two older Heck kids was very entertaining.

Score: 10/10

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