Designated Survivor S1E18 Review

Scandal may be the title of a different ABC political drama, but a scandal is the topic of this week's episode of Designated Survivor.

S1E18 "Lazarus"

This week in the political story, Kirkman wants to make Hookstraten vice president, but a wrench is put in that plan when a news article implies that she was involved with Turkey. She has to face a hearing due to this. In one scene, Hookstraten essentially blackmails the person who gave the press the story, which seems to me like the show hasn't settled on its message. We love Kirkman because he is not a politician, he doesn't play their games. But Hookstaten is demonstrating the opposite of this, and in this half of the season is being portrayed as one of the good guys. Is the show unsure of what it wants to communicate? Is it trying to remind us that Hookstraten isn't all that good? If it's the latter, surely they could find a better way to communicate that, right?

Meanwhile dealing with the conspiracy, Hannah and Jason come back from North Dakota. Hannah looks into a lead, and that's pretty much all that happens. It feels like episodes we have seen before. Until the end! Hannah ends up getting drugged. Finally, something truly interesting to come out of the conspiracy story recently, though it does feel a bit like the car crash near the end of season 1A. Also, there is probably the most obvious instance of product placement I have ever seen. Look at what Hannah can do with her Ford Fusion!

The political story seemed like it could be interesting at first, but it did not deliver on that potential. The conspiracy went as usual until the ending, so while this week's episode didn't impress me at all, I am excited for next week.

Score: 4.5/10

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