Speechless S1E20 Review

After J.J. heard a serious conversation about his future that he wasn't part of, this week's episode focuses on his attempt to run away--with the help of Maya.


This week's episode begins where the last one left off, with J.J. showing up and Kenneth's. It's pretty funny as Kenneth takes him up the stairs to his apartment. Kenneth takes J.J. back to the DiMeos', and they want to prove how sorry they are, which is pretty funny. It gets funnier when people trade off reading J.J's board depending on who he is yelling at, and it's funniest when Maya gets mad at Kenneth for bringing J.J. back, and decides to help him run away.

Maya and J.J.'s running away adventure is funny at every chance it gets, especially Maya's line about why they are pretending to be married, "because we love each other". Maya finds an adult with a good life who has cerebral palsy to show J.J. that he can do a lot of things, and it's entertaining as she chases him down. J.J. talking to this person is a sweet ending, and I really liked J.J. having that.

Dylan and Ray discover that Jimmy will give them whatever they want to avoid an emotional conversation, which of course they use for their advantage. It is very funny when one of Ray's requests ends up being a robe. Ray and Jimmy end up having a nice moment together in robes, and there is a funny moment when Jimmy asks if Ray is wearing anything underneath the robe.

Also, Dylan finds out that Kenneth used to be great at basketball, and tries to get that side of him out. There are a couple of entertaining moments here, but it isn't especially funny, and the story doesn't have much of an arc. I do appreciate the show doing this different pairing though.

With many funny moments, along with a small dose of seriousness, the main story and the one with Ray and Jimmy worked well. Dylan and Kenneth's portion of the story was significantly weaker than the rest, but I appreciate the effort there.

Score: 8/10

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