Superstore S2E20 Review

In the penultimate episode of Superstore's second season, we get a moment that has been coming since the pilot, Cheyenne and Bo's wedding.

S2E20 "Cheyenne's Wedding"

The employees attend Cheyenne's wedding, and Dina has pressured Cheyenne into making her a bridesmaid, which is very funny. However, Dina gets annoying when she is casting a shadow on Cheyenne during pictures. During the pictures, Amy has a hilarious line where she tries to encourage Cheyenne to run off and go to college. Also, Jonah is very awkward around Amy, which gets annoying.

Glenn, nervous about the fact that he has to fire six people, so he brings Jeff to the wedding to show him how important some people's jobs are to them. Dina demands that Cheyenne takes a bathroom break at a specific time, continuing to make her be annoying this week.

Dina tries telling some jokes, which of course goes very poorly. Her attempts are both funny and annoying. Amy takes the microphone, but the way she talks about her own marriage doesn't sound very good, and it's funny when Dina can actually make people laugh when she starts talking about this.

Amy admits to Jonah that her marriage is over, and this leads to a good conversation between them. Sandra spends time with the guy she likes, from the ladies' lunch episode, which is very entertaining. I loved the ending with this. At the very end of the episode, Glenn ends up begging, in front of everyone, that Jeff doesn't make him fire members of his Cloud 9 family.

Dina was annoying this week, as she was just too much, and Jonah and Amy weren't the best. The other characters and the things that they had going on were better though, especially Sandra.

Score: 7/10

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