American Housewife Season 1 Episode 18 Review

After taking a few weeks off, American Housewife finally returns this week with an episode devoted Greg trying to get Katie to set a good example for Taylor.

Taylor keeps quitting activities, and Katie is encouraging it. Greg is not, and he's upset that Taylor is going against the Otto Motto, which is "Ottos never quit." Taylor is trying to quit theater, and Greg won't let her. Greg also starts to get fed up with Katie, because she's a quitter too. So he decides to challenge her to learn French, one of the many things she gave up on. She goes to French class, but she has no clue what's going on. The teacher is speaking French, and she doesn't know what's happening. Katie decides to ditch her class, but since Greg teaches at the same place, she pretends to be there. Katie goes out with her friends, but Greg finds out she cut class. He explains that she's setting a bad example, but she won't give in. When putting Anna-Kat to bed, Anna-Kat shows Katie a French book that she wants her to read, something Katie will never be able to do. When Greg returns home from class the next day, the house is decorated like Paris. Katie reads the book, and Greg is impressed.

Oliver is creating a vision board, and Katie comes across it. Katie comes to the conclusion that Oliver is gay, with a little help from Doris. Angela thinks that something else is going on, though. Katie shows Greg to board, and Greg convinces Katie that Oliver isn't gay. Well, at least until they find him rehearsing a theater scene with one of Taylor's friend. Katie and Greg try to get Oliver to come out, and he explains that they're wrong. His vision board is for things he wants in life and the leotard he's wearing is so he can get into Harvard through a ballet program.

Greg is teaching a class, and only one person showed up. They say the Pledge, at Grant's instance. Greg decides to watch a movie, but Grant is giving him a hard time. He wants Greg to pretend he's Ben Franklin, as that's what is in the syllabus. Greg ends up dressing as Franklin, and Grant loves it. Later on, he resigns from the class Nixon-style, and gives Grant a C-.

This was a great episode, all of the storylines were great. I enjoyed Katie's storyline the most, but the small parts with Greg and his class were great, too. Taylor was really funny this episode, especially the parts with her being terrible at theater. There were also some great jokes in this episode, like "We'll use French dressing instead of Ranch". The scene with the house decorated like Paris was great, especially the parts with Taylor. My only complaint is that Anna-Kat wasn't on screen much this episode, and when she was, she wasn't doing much.
Episode Grade: A-
Episode Score: 9/10

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