Fresh Off the Boat S3E19 Review

This week, with her new wheels Grandma Huang also has a new boyfriend.

S3E19 "Driving Miss Jenny"

Louis discovers that Grandma Huang is going out on her own in her new wheelchair. He doesn't like this, so he writes up a fake business letter saying that the insurance won't cover the new chair anymore. This leads to a good joke about Microsoft Word's Clippy. His letter doesn't work, and it's funny when Louis ends up acting like a dad to Grandma Huang.

Jessica has used the time that she has gained with Grandma Huang going out on her own by cleaning. Emery, however, is upset about many of the things that Jessica wants to get rid of. There is also a hilarious joke when Jessica critiques Emery's view of the future. Jessica helps Emery go through his things, and she comes up with the solution of taking pictures of all of the things.

Eddie discovers Evan's house-sitting business, and he says that he wants in. However, Eddie doesn't like how much time it takes doing everything Evan's way. Eddie gets Dave to do the work for him, so Evan confronts Eddie about this, who points out that it's good business, which leads to Evan firing Eddie and hiring Dave.

The main story with Louis and Grandma Huang was great, but the other stories weren't as strong. The Jessica and Emery one had some good jokes, but the Eddie and Evan one was weak.

Score: 7.5/10

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