The 100 S4E9 Review

The 100's fourth season is in the process of winding down, with a solution to survive. But there will still be major challenges, of course, in these last five episodes of the season.

S4E9 "DNR"

Everyone is heading to the bunker in order to survive. Raven, Murphy, and Emori have yet to head out, and an urgent problem arises when Raven gets into the rocket due to hallucinations, and then has a seizure. It turns out that the seizure was just meant to be shocking, as the next time we see Raven she is fine, except for the fact that she is still having hallucinations. The scene where Raven tells Murphy she doesn't plan on going with them ends up being a strong one, as Raven explains that she can deal with losing her life, but not with losing her mind. It really feels like Raven's end is coming, which I will be very sad about, but I will understand, as The 100 can't possible go into season five with so many main cast members, can they?

Clarke, Abby, and Roan are on their way to the bunker, when Abby reveals to Clarke that a deal was made with Trikru, which involves betraying Roan. However, this deal ends up harming them, as Roan takes control. Clarke tries to get Roan and Indra to agree to share the bunker, but Indra is stubborn. Clarke reveals to Indra's daughter her nightblood, so Clarke can be made commander. I am not a big fan of this solution, because Clarke is special enough already. However, this plan is luckily foiled when it is revealed that she was made a nightblood through science. Roan proposes a way to decide who gets the bunker, a fight with one representative from each clan.

Jaha, Bellamy, and Monty try to get Jasper and the people he has persuaded to party to go with them, but they refuse. This situation doesn't feel very urgent. Eventually, Jasper and Harper stay behind, and they say goodbye to Bellamy, specifically telling him to take care of Monty. However, Harper discovers Monty at the party, who is staying behind in case Jasper and Harper change their mind. I feel like the execution of this story was all wrong, it felt all over the place and often random.

This episode had plenty of weak spots, such as most of the moments involving Jaha, Bellamy, Monty, Jasper, and Harper, along with the weird little Octavia story. Clarke's story and Raven's story each had their strengths and their weaknesses, keeping this from being a bad episode, but not doing enough to really elevate it to being a good one.

Score: 6/10

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