Shots Fired S1E4 Review

The case continues to slowly progress this week.

S1E4 "Hour Four: Truth"

The sheriff decides to show Preston how nervous policing people that don't like you is. Preston and Ashe re-enact the shooting, but I really don't see how this is necessary. Later, they do make some actual discoveries. They discover that the same person was the first to respond to both shootings, and they discover that both kids had the same strain of weed. This episode was actually somewhat decent in progress on the case, and I hope that this indicates the direction it is going. This week also had some sexual tension between Preston and Ashe, which is a development I do not like at all.

Officer Joshua Beck (the one that shot the kid) is awoken in the middle of the night by the security alarm in his house. He finds his son staring at the words "killer cop" painted on the side of his house. This just drives in the point about everyone being against him, and makes me realize how similar his situation is to the first season of Secrets & Lies, where everyone believed that Ryan Phillipe's character was a killer. Except, instead of interesting advancements each week like in Secrets & Lies, his story is pretty much the same each week so far.

The governor decides to give kids in the black neighborhood where the school is being shut down an option as to where to go to school. However, when she is asked some questions, she struggles, specifically when she is asked that, if she isn't concerned with safety, why she doesn't send her daughter to the other school. It seems that this show wants to talk about both the relationship between police and citizens and about race and class, but it feels like these two things that the show wants to talk about are quite disconnected, and this week really showed that.

The case made a decent amount of progress this week, though I would definitely like to see more progress per week. The governor's part of the episode was fairly enjoyable, while I disliked the Preston and Ashe sexual tension and the whole "killer cop" thing.

Score: 4.5/10

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