NBC Renew/Cancel: The Final Verdict on Trial & Error

Predictions for 4/21/17

Hello guys! Welcome to the latest NBC renew/cancel. As you know, Luke will be off for the next couple weeks, so I'll be taking over for the time being. Expect him to return in May for final predictions. Right now, let's take a look at the table.

Predictions have stayed the same aside from one show. I'll be giving my input on the fate of Trial & Error, which just wrapped up its season, and The Blacklist, which just returned from a long hiatus, amongst others. 


  • Show Title (Average adults 18-49 rating/Most recent rating)


  • Grimm (0.8/0.9) 

Grimm ended its run and will not be returning, but it still managed to pull in respectable ratings and was only down 8% from last year. Not bad for a show in its sixth season.

Certain Cancellation 

  • Emerald City (0.7/0.7)
  • Powerless (0.7/0.6)
  • Timeless (1.1/0.9)
  • Taken (1.1/0.9)

Emerald City and Timeless have already ended their seasons and both went as low as a 0.6 in the 18-49 ratings. Neither stands a chance, Timeless had terrible retention from The Voice and Emerald City's ratings are just too low to warrant a renewal, not to mention that it rated lower than much cheaper Dateline and much older Grimm.

Powerless is in an even worse position than the other two. It is the lowest rated scripted series currently airing on NBC and was preempted two times for repeats of Trial & Error. The series fell as low as a 0.5 and while it has perked up to 0.6s, that is not enough to justify a renewal. 

Taken is the latest addition to the "certain to be cancelled" column. Through the course of just six episodes, Taken shed 50% of its audience, going from a solid 1.6 to a dreadful 0.8. I'm not even mentioning the fact that it has a strong lead-in, The Voice. The latter has averaged a 2.4 this spring while Taken has amounted a meager 1.1 and has recently lost more than 50% of The Voice's audience, chances for a second season are non-existent. 

Likely Cancellation 
  • The Blacklist: Redemption (0.8/0.7)
  • Blindspot (1.1/0.9)
  • Trial & Error (0.9/0.7)

The Blacklist: Redemption ended its eight-episode stint with just a 0.7 in the 18-49 ratings. While there is a small chance that it could be bundled up with The Blacklist and score a renewal, ratings are most likely too low to warrant one. 

Blindspot has managed to stay around a 0.9, but it has fallen a whopping 42% from last year and it'll be a long way to syndication. Due to its stability, I'm keeping it in this column and not downgrading it, but don't expect a third season.

Next, comes Trial & Error. The comedy wrapped up its 13-episode season with a 0.7. While it is possible that NBC renews it because of critical acclaim (keep in mind, The Carmichael Show was renewed with lower ratings last year), it has lost way too much of its Voice lead-in and ratings are simply too low.  I truly hope it comes back in some shape or form, but the data is showing that it would be a stretch. Still, NBC is in a comedy drought, with only Superstore and The Good Place doing well, so it's possible we'll see more of Josh, Dwayne, and Anne in the future, but don't keep your hopes up.

  • None

Likely Renewal
  • The Blacklist (1.0/0.8)
  • Chicago Justice (1.2/0.9)

The Blacklist returned after a long hiatus last night and hit a new series low. Despite this, the series is not in any danger. It will have over 80 episodes this season so it will be viable for syndication and make NBC more money. Also, it's ratings still aren't too bad for a 10 pm show, so expect another season for this drama.

Chicago Justice has underperformed a bit but has not been a flop by any means, the most recent episodes have been at a 0.9 or 1.0, that's on the high-end of Sunday scripted offerings. If nothing else, it has the Chicago brand to back it up, so expect this freshman drama to return. 

Certain Renewal
  • Chicago Fire (1.6/1.3)
  • Chicago Med (1.3/1.1)
  • Chicago P.D. (1.4/1.3)
  • Law & Order: SVU (1.4/1.2)

There's not much to say about these shows. Chicago Fire is the 2nd highest rated scripted show on NBC despite airing at 10 pm. Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D. are also in the top 5 while Chicago Med is the highest-rated show in the current Tuesday line-up. None of these shows are in any danger.

The last new NBC program is Great News which will premiere this Tuesday. I will be making my predictions on that show after it airs. 

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