Superior Donuts S1E11 Review

This week, Franco deals with the fact that minimum wage isn't a livable wage.

S1E11 "Wage Against the Machine"

Franco, after dropping his laptop in the deep fryer while "video-telephoning" (a funny thing that Arthur calls video-chatting), realizes how difficult it is for him to survive off of minimum wage. So, Franco gets a second job with Fawz, and Fawz is funny as he teaches Franco things. Arthur gets jealous when Franco is excited about his job with Fawz. However, at the end Franco discovers that Fawz hired him to communicate with black clients. He ends up using what Fawz taught him so Superior Donuts can charge him for parking, so that Arthur can pay him more. I liked the way that this ending relating to the tickets that Fawz got due to the B-story.

Fawz gets mad at Randy for writing him a ticket, and this leads to a funny joke about Arthur wanting a motorcycle to park in the alley, and how that will lead to parking a hearse in that spot. Randy wrote the ticket to help her win a contest, but she struggles in finding people breaking the law. Jimmy is a lot better at it, and it's funny when she makes fun of him for this. Randy and Jimmy end up competing against each other, which leads to some funny moments, such as when Randy shouts at people that they must be doing meth because they are skinny. James ends up winning, and gives half of his winnings to Randy for her daughter's college fund.

Neither story was very elaborate story-wise, but I liked the way that they tied together at the end, and there were many funny jokes.

Score: 9/10

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