Trial & Error Season 1 Episodes 9 & 10 Review

Trial & Error has been fantastic so far, and we continue to find out new information with each passing episode. With the season nearing a close, the identity of Margaret's killer is coming soon. Let's see who will become a suspect in this new pair of episodes.

Opening Statements
At the courthouse, opening statements are beginning. Carol Anne makes a presentation, which shows a cartoon version of Larry brutally murdering Margaret. Even Larry loves it. Josh makes his case, and he blames it all on Rutger Hiss, who is unfortunately very much awake from his coma, which really complicates things. Josh explains how Rutger is awful, but the jury can only see Rutger as someone who is really struggling and can barely even drink. Back at the office, the team talks over what happened at the trail. They inspect the witness list, and Larry's lover Alfonzo is on it. Larry immediately decides that he must go speak with Alfonzo  Josh goes to Carol Anne's office, where he finds Rutger and Carol Anne kissing. Ew.

Carol Anne reveals that she and Rutger are back together, and she tells him that he means nothing to her, despite sleeping with him. At the gym, Larry meets with Alfonzo  Alfonzo tells him that he won't be saying anything bad about Larry, but we all know something bad is going to happen to Larry. He tells him that Alfonzo was just a little fun. At the office, Dwayne and Anne are coaching Josh on how to speak and act at the trial. According to them, he's failing miserably. At the trial, Rutger is being questioned. Josh asks him about sleeping with Margaret. He (almost certainly) lies about everything incriminating and Josh starts to freak out. The jury is not pleased.

Josh isn't buying Rutger's selective memory act. They figure out that Rutger only claimed to be in a coma, at least for a little while. He witnessed a town football game that took place during his supposed coma. Alfonzo has turned on Larry, texting that he's done with Larry and never wants to see him again. At the hospital, Josh and Larry are watching tapes of Rutger's hospital room during his coma. They find out that he was definitely awake at that time, and they show it in court. Carol Anne gets angry at Rutger, and throws her shoe at him. Rutger, the coward that he is, runs off. He enters a coma, and this one is actually real.

At Larry's, Dwayne and Anne tell Larry that Alfonzo is in love with Larry. Larry goes off to meet Alfonzo  and Summer rushes in. She has finally broken up with that moron Clanton, and Dwayne gives her a pep talk. And now he's in love with her. At the gym, Larry confronts Alfonzo  and Alfonzo insults Margaret. This ends with Larry pushing Alfonzo through a window. He really has to stop doing incriminating things.

This was another great episode. This show is truly shaping up to be one of the best comedies on TV.
After her reaction to Rutger faking his coma, I'm really starting to suspect that Carol Anne murdered Margaret, or was involved in some way.
Episode Score: 9/10
Episode Grade: A-

A Hostile Jury

The episode begins with the gang watching a commercial for a glass store  that involves Larry attacking a man and throwing him through the window. Of course, Larry loves it. At the courtroom, a member of the jury states that they've already reached a verdict, even though the trial hasn't, you know, started yet. Josh asks the judge to sequester the jury, and she won't agree. Carol Anne wants the jury to visit the crime scene. At the office, Josh tries to think of ways to win over the jury. Anne wants them to target Whale Shark Juror #9. At Larry's, the team is trying to make Larry seem like a normal family man. When investigating photos of Margaret, they discovers that Margaret had a phone that they did not know about. When the jury arrives, Larry comes down wearing an OJ Simpson jersey, which will obviously make the jury think he's innocent.

Carol Anne is showing the jury around, and she's doing an excellent job of being biased as possible. Larry starts talking to the jurors, which he is not allowed to do. At a phone store, Anne and Dwayne find out that someone has used Margaret's cell phone very recently. In Larry's "manhole", Josh tries to win Juror #9 over, and Larry again speaks to a juror. And them, Juror #9 ends up in Larry's window.

At the office, Josh tries to explain just who awful the previous day was. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Dwayne tries to get a hacker to help get access to Margaret's phone, but he won't help. He will, however, help dig up dirt on some jurors. At the trial, Alfonzo is being questioned. He explains in graphic detail what he and Larry did one time when Margaret was away.

Larry and Alfonzo speak to each other, and they seem to forgive each other for what has happened. Dwayne tells Josh that one of the jurors is compromised. The new #9 is unable to be a part of the jury, and the jury now must be sequestered. This upsets the judge, whose in-laws must now stay with her. Back at the office, Summer explains to Dwayne that they won't be a "thing", but Dwayne still doesn't get it. At Larry's we see that Margaret's phone is in his drawer.

This was another great episode, and it revealed some more interesting things about the case. I'm so upset that there are only three more episodes of the show left, and I really don't want it to be over. I really enjoyed the twist at the end, though I think it could just be a red herring.
Episode Score: 9/10
Episode Grade: A-

Poll: Is Larry Guilty?
With the new information revealed in these episodes, did it change your mind about Larry's guilt (or innocence)?  Vote in the poll and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Make sure to watch Trial & Error in its special night and time on Thursday at 8. I'll be back for another review on Thursday, and I'll also be back for the penultimate episode and finale next Tuesday.

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