Superior Donuts S1E10 Review

Franco wants to pursue his art this week after a death of a friend.

S1E10 "Painted Love"

Franco receives some upsetting news, that a friend of his died. However, Fawz, recently elected president of a business council, disapproves of Franco having some friends of the deceased over at Superior Donuts, because they are gang members. Franco realizes that the dead gang member believed in him, and Franco hasn't done much with his art, so Franco paints a mural of him on the side of Superior Donuts. There is a funny recurring joke here regarding a custard and later jelly gun, and there's a great part where Arthur tries to get Franco to give him the gun.

The mural gets attention, and Franco is excited about that, there is a very funny joke about his first groupie, but Arthur, Fawz, and Randy are not. Franco asks Arthur to support him when they want to take the mural down, which leads to a very real conversation. Arthur eventually stands up for Franco, though they end up losing the fight to keep the mural. It was a great moment of the two of them being united in the end, and I really liked Arthur's little speech he made about the mural. The very end of the episode had Randy giving Franco a picture of his mural, and a funny joke from her (the only good one we really got from her this week).

This wasn't the funniest episode, though it did have a few good jokes. But, this episode did deal with an issue that was creative and not straightforward, and I really appreciated that.

Score: 7.5/10

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