Mom S4E20 Review

This week, the AA women find out what they will do when they can't turn to Marjorie for help.

S4E20 "A Cricket and a Hedge Made of Gold"

At a meeting, Marjorie shares that her sponsor relapsed after fifty-two years. This moment gave me goosebumps. It was a great decision for the show to give Marjorie this issue, to show the person who was always the one giving advice to be so unsure. This also leaves the other women unsure of who to turn to, when Marjorie decides she needs to take a break.

Bonnie ends up solving the other women's problems, which is very entertaining. I love the phone calls she has with Jill and Wendy. Marjorie isn't the only one who runs into major problems with week, when at a meeting Christy sees a guy who raped her. Anna Faris is wonderful when she explains this to Jill and Wendy.

Christy ends up tearing the apartment apart looking for the cricket in it, which is a great touch. Bonnie goes to Marjorie's window to get her, which creates for a hilarious scene. It's also great when Bonnie doesn't give Marjorie and Christy space. Marjorie returns to a meeting, and it is very funny when Marjorie tells Bonnie that after two phone calls from a person a day, she tells them to deal with it and hangs up. Christy shares about when she was raped, which is a powerful moment.

Allison Janney has been the one here getting the, much-deserved, awards. But this week, it was Anna Faris that gave an award-worthy performance. There was also many funny moments, and Marjorie's part of the story was great.

Score: 10/10

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