Fresh Off the Boat S3E20 Review

This episode has to do with Tiger Woods, and how one of his parents is Asian.

S3E20 "The Masters"

The Huang kids watch as Tiger Woods becomes the youngest person to win at the Masters, and their reasoning as to why they can't let Jessica know that Tiger Woods is half-Asian is great. Jessica discovers, and it leads to a discussion about parenting styles between her and Louis, as she compares them to Tiger Woods' parents. This set-up is great, and the scenes where Jessica tries to cover up for what she said are hilarious. Louis decides that he and Jessica can settle whose parenting styles are better by seeing who can get one of their kids to be a better golfer.

It's very funny when Jessica gets rid of a golf instructor after he shortens her name, and then returns to that instructor after the other one disagrees with her. Additionally, the scene where Jessica decides to swap kids with Louis is great, especially when Evan wishes plagues upon her. Jessica believes that her parenting style is worse than Louis's when whoever he is working with does better, but after a conversation with a woman who she believes is Tiger Woods's mother, she realizes the benefits of her style. Also, the reveal that this woman was not actually Tiger Woods's mother was very entertaining.

In the episode's B-story, Emery tries to let everyone know that Tiger Woods's mother is Asian, but no one believes him. There are some very entertaining moments here, and Emery's speech about how he wants Asian-Americans to be able to feel pride in Tiger Woods, but doesn't want to take away from his African-American side is touching. The girl who does the announcements is funny with her intensity, and it's pretty funny when at the end Emery makes the announcement, but no one is listening because of a fight over having the same backpack.

This was one of Fresh Off the Boat's strongest episodes this season, with two stories that were very funny but also had some sweet moments.

Score: 10/10

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