The Middle S8E18 Review

This week, Mike ends up causing tension in the neighborhood, Brick wants to par-tay with Axl, and Frankie tries to figure out who Sue likes.

S8E18 "The Par-tay"

Mike gets Brick to flag down a plummer leaving, with is a very Heck thing to do. However, Bill, whose plummer they used, gets very upset about this, and it's funny when Mike impersonates Bill while he is watching. Mike ends up in a "girl fight" with Bill, which is pretty funny. Mike and Bill's fight ends up being easily resolved when Mike helps out Bill with his car, which is a fitting way for things to resolve here.

Brick reminds Axl that he has been saying for four years that he will invite Brick to his college one weekend for some fun. Axl expects Brick to want to do nerdy things, but Brick wants to party. Brick wants to keep going and partying even when Axl is tired, and it is very funny when he says phrases that he doesn't actually know the meaning to. Brick encourages Axl to go after a girl, and this leads to Axl going to Lexi and kissing her.

Frankie and Sue have a picnic and get hit on by some guys. When Frankie later asks Sue about one of the guys, she reveals that she likes someone else, but she won't tell Frankie who. Frankie steals Sue's phone to figure out who she likes, and it is hilarious when she tries to come up with a Disney princess that may be her password, and talks in her head about political correctness. Frankie accidentally cracks Sue's phone screen, and tries to hide that, but in the end she confesses to Sue what she was trying to do.

Mike's story didn't have that many funny moments, and Frankie and Sue's took a bit to get to what it was about, but other than that this episode was very funny, and Brick and Axl's story worked very well.

Score: 8.5/10

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