Mom S4E19 Review

This week Bonnie and Adam's relationship takes a big step.

S4E19 "Mushroom Soup and Tantric Sex"

At the start of the episode, Christy shares about how she is worried that she will always be alone. It is very funny when a phone vibrates, and she immediately assumes it is Bonnie's phone, but then discovers that it was hers. Christy is right though, it is something that Bonnie would do. Adam questions Bonnie bringing many bags of things back and forth when she spends the night at Adam's. There are a few good jokes here, such as one about Adam's use of a blow drier. Then, Adam suggests she move in with him. Christy tells everyone about her new boyfriend, and it's funny when Jill keeps saying that he's gay. Bonnie enters for Marjorie's advice on moving in with Adam, interrupting Christy in the process, who later calls this out. After Adam buys her a bunch of things, Bonnie decides that she wants to move in with him.

Christy helps Bonnie pack, and it's entertaining as Bonnie makes fun of the tantric sex that Christy explains she and her boyfriend had. It's not all smooth sailing at Bonnie and Adam's, where he has to use the bathroom at a neighbor's when Bonnie uses theirs for an hour, and Bonnie uses a mug that's important to Adam. Their disagreement over things continues, and gets more annoying in the process. With the annoying anger between Bonnie and Adam, the anger that comes up between Christy's boyfriend and Adam when the four have dinner together makes the dinner a scene where everyone is mad at each other, which would be alright if it lead to a moment where everyone really lets their anger out and then there was time where everyone cools off, but that doesn't happen. At the end of the episode, Bonnie moves back in with Christy, illustrating how the Bonnie and Adam relationship seems like something that won't work out (yet the show insists on continuing it).

The episode started out with a lot of funny moments, but wound up being one with a lot of arguing that became really annoying.

Score: 6/10

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