Superstore S2E18 Review

Glenn's many foster kids come to Cloud 9 this week.

S2E18 "Glenn's Kids"

The episode begins with all of the employees, and Glenn's foster children, in the break room. There are many funny moments here, but my favorite was Cheyenne avoiding saying the word "penis". Jonah meets one of Glenn's daughters, who is in her 20s, and they end up hitting it off. Amy doesn't think it's a good idea for Jonah and the daughter to date, but Glenn is excited about it.

Amy talks to the daughter to try to get her to not date Jonah, which is pretty funny. Glenn is confronted about having asked Amy to do this, but Amy covers for him, saying she kind of likes Jonah. But we all know that she really does like Jonah, and I'm betting that the season finale, not too many episodes away now, deals with this.

Mateo is upset about his break-up, and as a result he works slowly as a result. Some of Glenn's kids comment on how they could work faster, so Mateo gets them to, which is very funny, and a very Mateo thing to do. This leads to Mateo talking to the kids about Jeff, which is thoroughly entertaining. There ends up being not very many scenes for this story, which is good because it was a pretty simple story, but each scene was hilarious.

Cheyenne offers to watch one of Glenn's kids, and ends up losing her. This story is not very original, in fact The Mick dealt with losing a kid just this week. However, it is funny when Dina gets excited about this opportunity to use her training. There is also a hilarious moment when Dina and Garrett try to call the kid over to the toy department. In the end, the trap they set ended up working, and the kid is found.

Mateo's scenes were the best part of this episode, and Cheyenne, Dina, and Garrett had some very funny moments, despite their story not being the most original. Jonah, Amy, and Glenn's story had some funny moments, and laid a bit of groundwork for the future Amy and Jonah relationship we all know is coming.

Score: 8.5/10

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