Grace and Frankie Season 3 Review

In its first two seasons, Grace and Frankie was my favorite Netflix original series. With an incredible cast, a great storyline, and an interesting premise, it had everything. Ever since finishing last season, I've been counting the days until season 3. Needless to say, I have really high hopes for the season. I'm really hoping it can live up to the excellence of the first two seasons.

It was great to see the continued struggles of Grace and Frankie this season. Between their conflict over Grace's gun, Grace not wanting Frankie to go with Jacob, their business struggles, and Frankie's stroke, their was a lot of conflict between them this season. But the amazing part of it all is that despite this, they are still great friends and they really need each other, and Fonda and Tomlin deserve all of the credit in the world for making this friendship believable. They always have and always will be dysfunctional, but that's what's great about them. I really hope Frankie decides against going with Jacob, because that would change the show in a way I really would not like.

Even though their character's aren't my favorites, Waterston and Sheen also did a great job this season. My favorite Robert moment of the season (and one of my favorite moments of the season, period) was between Robert and his mother. The scene in which he came out to her was touching and I really felt bad for Robert, and it was all because of Sheen's wonderful performance. The storyline got even better after her death, and it was nice to see Robert and Grace bond after the death. Sol's big storylines- the ones involving his work and the protestors- weren't as great as Robert's, but I still enjoyed them. The protestor scene in particular was very well done, and the conclusion to it was great, with Robert joining Sol in the protesting. This season really showed the struggles between Robert and Sol, and it made them a very believable and relatable couple, more so than in the first two seasons.

Brianna was always a much more interesting character than Mallory, but I actually enjoyed Mallory's storyline a lot more than Brianna's this season. Mallory's marriage (and later divorce) storyline was actually pretty interesting, giving the character some actual growth after two seasons of not really doing much. Brianna was disappointing this season, in that her storyline was easily my least favorite of the season. I just didn't care about her and the escort guy this season.

Overall, this was another fantastic season of Grace and Frankie. While the season premiere wasn't as good as the rest of the episodes, it was still very good. The stories were all very entertaining this season and I'm very disappointed that it's going to be another year before we get more, but I'm so glad it's already been renewed. I'm hoping that this will be the season that Jane Fonda gets a much-deserved Emmy nomination, because it's long overdue.
Season Grade: A
Season Score: 9.5/10
MVP: Lily Tomlin
Episode of the Season: The Burglary

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