The Middle S8E20 Review

This week, Frankie takes Axl suit shopping, and Mike threatens to get rid of the pool.

S8E20 "Adult Swim"

Sue gets annoyed by Axl being in her apartment, and then annoyed when she gets home and Axl is there. This is interesting because it is the opposite of usual. Usually, Axl is trying to get rid of Sue. Axl has a speed interview, but when he discovers that his suit has a light spot, he has to borrow Mike's. This results in him losing his confidence, so he and Frankie have to go to get a new suit. Frankie gets excited about the day that she and Axl have, but ruins it when she gets mad at him for not carrying a wallet. This leads to a great scene where Frankie struggles to pay for the suit. Axl tells Frankie about his concerns for his future job, and she gives some great advice in a really sweet moment.

Mike keeps suggesting that people use the pool after he cleaned it, but no one does. He says that they have to use it or they will get rid of it, so Sue and Brick pretend to have used the pool so that they won't lose it, though neither of them want to actually use the pool. Sue explains to Brick that losing the pool would be part of the transition of the house into an adult house. It is very funny when Brick recruits friends to use the pool, and there is a hilarious line about how Mike stays with Frankie despite ignoring her most of the time. As Mike begins draining the pool, Sue and Brick go to play in the pool, which is very entertaining. In the end, however, they agree to give the pool to neighbors who are excited about it.

The stories didn't really get started at first, but they ended up having great endings, especially the Axl and Frankie story, They weren't as funny at first, but got funnier closer to the end.

Score: 7.5/10

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