Jane the Virgin S3E16 Review

Jane the Virgin is back for its last few episodes of its season, after airing only two episodes in the last nearly two months.

S3E16 "Chapter Sixty"

Jane is crushing on Rogelio's co-star, and the flashback to the moment she first felt this way about a guy is great, because it was so awkward, watching a telenovela with her mother and grandmother. Speaking of her grandmother, Jane and Xo discover that Alba has yet to tell Jorge that she doesn't want to have sex with him, which leads to a great moment where Jane says to Alba what Alba used to say to her. Alba tells Jorge, and it's great when the narrator puts #Telemundoandchill on the screen. Alba believes that she and Jorge have broken up when she doesn't hear from him, but that turns out not to be the case, and I am glad. Their relationship has been really sweet thus far, and Alba deserves this.

Rogelio is jealous of his co-star on his ridiculous telenovela (and it is hilarious when the narrator remarks on how "lady scientist" can just be "scientist"), and when he discovers that Jane has a crush on him, he forbids it. Jane later discovers that the co-star doesn't like her, but is a huge fan of Rogelio. The scene where he tells Rogelio this is a great one. Jane thinks that she is over him, but then he shows up at her door. Rogelio pretends to be fine with the two of them, but he is worried about him replacing Michael. This is a really sweet moment, and I like that the show is remembering other people's relationships with Michael, as Rogelio and Michael did have a special relationship.

Jane's editor tells her that her novel is good, and now it's time to move on to marketing. When Jane goes to the meeting, she discovers that they want to use her backstory to sell the book. This is a great story for Jane, because it really causes her to question what is most important to her. She believes that she has made the right decision in deciding that she wants the book to stand on its own, but when she talks to her old mentor, she tells her that this opportunity is too big to let her integrity stand in the way.

The scene where Jane makes the decision to allow the marketing people to use her backstory is a great one, because Gina Rodriguez really makes you feel how difficult of a decision this is for Jane. Jane talks to Alba about how she is able to talk about Michael now, but she doesn't want him to become an anecdote. The best part about Michael's death in this story is how Alba can give Jane advice, and telling her how things go from her experience. What Alba says here is very interesting, that her grief will evolve, but not go away. Jane gets to meet her first fan, and it is a great moment, as they are both equally excited.

Rafael is dealing with Luisa this week when she shows up with little notice, and it's entertaining when Rafael won't let her see any of the kids, though Luisa wants to. Luisa and Rose's conversation later about if Rose killed Scott is hilarious. The duo continues to entertain as Luisa goes to dinner with Rafael, and Rose has to keep from being found out. Rose ends up wanting to leave, but Luisa wants to stay. I really like that Luisa is finally trying to make some good decisions. She's a lovable mess.

Each part of the episode was entertaining, though the story about Jane and her novel was the best one, and while Petra didn't get much attention this week, the end of the episode set up an interesting challenge for her, as she has to get Anezka out of police custody in order to keep her secrets secret.

Score: 10/10

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