Trial & Error Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8 Review

After last week's stunning findings that Jeremiah and Josie could potentially be suspects and that Larry is Summer's biological father, Trial & Error's case is going to get bigger. Let's see how that goes in the seventh and eighth chapters in this story.

The Case Gets Bigger

The episode begins with Josh explaining that his boss, Howard, is stopping in to check on him. Howard comes in and meets the team. They are is very embarrassing, but that's nothing new. Josh shows Howard the "Murder Board", with suspects Josie, Jeremiah, and Rutger on it. Howard says that Josh is doing a great job, which makes Josh very happy. Howard also asks Josh about the cable guy, who has been mentioned multiple times. At his home, Larry sees on the news that Summer is dining with Carol Anne, which utterly f***ing devastates him. Summer and Carol Anne are getting to know each other, and Carol Anne explains to Summer that she had a bad relationship with her own father. Then Carol Anne kills a squirrel. At the cable company, Josh asks the receptionist who was on call that day. It turns out to Roger Bentman, who Larry has frequently been mentioned by Larry. Bentman hasn't been seen in months and is has had previous run-ins with the law.

At a mock trial, Carol Anne gets a call from her father and has to leave. That's when Larry comes in, and he tries to speak to Summer, who found their location on Carol Anne's Instagram. Their conversation gets heated, and Summer runs out. At the office, Larry invites Josh over, which Howard dislikes. Dwayne explains that the trail to find Bentman has gone cold. Anne and Dwayne go to see his informant, and Dwayne has swallowed a bunch of pills to smuggle them to the informant and it's hilarious. Josh cancels on Larry, and Larry is really upset and throws something through a window. Which looks really bad considering that his wife died after getting pushed through a window.

Larry arrives at Larry's, and Larry is very upset. But at least he's got new evidence. Actually, it's just a middle finger. Josh asks him about Bentman, and Larry doesn't remember him. Josh tells him about Bentman arriving minutes before Margaret's death. On the news, Carol Anne and Summer appear together, and Josh calls in. He talks to Summer, and Summer doesn't care about what he has to say. The team has a new lead on Bentman, and they head to a pigeon coop. Howard heads home, which Josh is happy about since he gets some freedom now. Larry comes in and notices the board. HE has a really weird reaction to it, and he heads to the pigeon coop. He confronts Bentman, and it ends in Bentman falling from a ledge to his death. Come on, Larry!  It turns out that the case has made national headlines, and the media is swarming the event. Summer enters goes to Larry's side, all because Carol Anne is a liar. As the episode ends, Howard enters and declares that he's taking over.

This was a great episode. I love the twists that the show keeps throwing at us, and it keeps getting more interesting as the suspect list gets larger. This episode also gave me some really mixed feelings about Summer, as she made me really angry at the beginning, but I liked her again by the end.
Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

A Change in Defense

The episode picks up where the last left off, with Howard taking over the case. Josh is being left out of things, and he's certainly not "fine." Howard speaks to the media and they're all over him, but when Josh goes to speak, they couldn't care less. Carole Anne is also shaken by Howard's arrival, as is Larry. Larry is speaking with Josh, and we get a glimpse of Summer's boyfriend Clanton, who is a pyromaniac. At the office, Anne confesses that she's happy Howard is taking over, but says it to Josh instead. Howard wants Larry to plead insanity, which Larry and Josh hate.

Howard explains why Larry has to plead insanity. There's no evidence to back up any viable suspect (as Josie, Rutger, and Jeremiah won't do), and it's too risky to go to trial. The problem is that Larry will go to an asylum for 15-30 years, and he'll be pretty old when he gets out. Larry, Summer, and Howard go to visit the mental ward, and Larry's having second thoughts. Josh, Anne, and Dwayne visit the coroner, where Bentman's body is. Dwayne and the coroner start fighting, but it ends with them getting Bentman's things. At the mental ward, Larry plays with the inmates, which is hilarious. Back at the coroner, Dwayne reads a note Bentman wrote, but it turns out that Bentman accidentally  killed some owls, not Margaret.

Larry reveals to Josh that he'll be pleading insanity, and Josh still won't give up. But then, Larry confesses (to drinking Clanton's drink). Josh goes to visit Carol Anne, and he asks for help. Carol Anne hands Josh a flash drive of Rutger. The video is of Rutger interrogating Larry, and the team notices that Rutger had a hospital bracelet on. Rutger was admitted to the hospital for having glass shards in his arm, which could be a huge break in the case.

Josh rushes to the trial, and Summer says "I love you" to Josh. Before Larry pleads insanity, Josh rushes in. Josh explains to Larry that they have evidence, but Howard and Larry don't think the evidence is a big deal. Larry pleads not guilty, which is hopefully a good thing. Howard then threatens Josh, saying that if he loses, Josh is fired. Back at the office, Carol Anne comes in for the flash drive, and Josh and her start making out.

This was another solid episode. It got off to a relatively slow start (by T&E's standards), but got fantastic by the end. I did really miss Josie though, she's been very funny throughout the whole show despite having very little screen time.
Episode Score: 9.5/10
Episode Grade: A

Poll: Did Larry kill Margaret?
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