The Middle S7E22 Review

This week is Mother's Day, and Mother's Day episodes have been some great ones on The Middle.

S7E22 "Not Mother's Day"

Frankie decides to cancel Mother's Day, and things get hilarious when she asks everyone to be nice to her regularly, and when she remembers that her mom is coming, and says they can just have a nice weekend. When buying a chicken, Frankie forgets her wallet, and a stranger helps her out and gives her the idea of paying it forward. So, her idea for Not Mother's Day is that they all do a nice thing for whoever's name they draw.

Sue's nice thing for Brick is giving him her room for the summer when she is off at Dollywood, but she becomes worried when Brick moves a lot of his books into the room. Meanwhile, Mike wonders about the relationship between him and his mother-in-law after she reveals a memory he had forgotten, while Frankie is hilariously obsessed with chicken.

Mike pays it forward to Sue by taking a stuffed animal of hers to get fixed, but then it is like a completely new stuffed animal. Frankie pays it forward to a random couple when her mom leaves early, but the couple's groceries turn out to be a lot more than she expected, so she hilariously asks for a few items from them. Mike takes Frankie's mom back, and he tells her that she is like his mom. Axl helps Sue out when she is upset about the changes going on, and it is really sweet.

This Mother's Day episode had some sweet moments at the end, and was hilarious the whole way through. It was a great episode.

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