Modern Family S7E20 Review

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Many shows are talking about Mother's Day, but Modern Family is talking about something else that's this time of year, prom.

S7E20 "Promposal"

At the start of the episode, Gloria believes that her recipe has been stolen, and there is a hilarious moment where Phil shares a similar experience, convinced that Pharrell Williams is one of the 27 views on a video he made. Luke goes to Mitch for prom asking advice, and Cam wishes Luke went to him. Alex gets asked, but says no. Meanwhile, Claire discovers there is a mole in the closet company.

Cam forces himself on Manny's ask, and it is hilarious. Gloria and Phil go to the supermarket, and Phil is very intense, which is hilarious, but the woman claims that she just works for a large company with a lot of lawyers, but they later discover she was lying. Deception continues when Claire discovers that Jay is in charge of the mole.

Phil uses his real estate knowledge to get the sauce woman to give up the stolen recipe. Mitch asks Cam to chaperone the prom with him, and there are some good jokes in that scene. Claire and Jay eventually admit that they need each other, despite their constant attempts to not appear weak.

This week's stories were very rooted in the characters, and were for the most part very accurate to them, although I'm not as sure about Phil. Still, it was a really good episode.

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