Marietta Season 3 Episode 10 - Hush...Hush, Sweet Eliza (Midseason Premiere)

Marietta Season 3 Episode 10
Hush... Hush, Sweet Eliza

Marietta, Tammy, Amy, Eliza, Elena, Patty Lynn and Kathleen are sitting in the living room of the mayor’s mansion.

Marietta: Thank you all for coming here today. Milton wanted to be here today as well, but the Senate was actually doing something for once so he couldn’t make it. You know how Kate and Ellie are, such sticklers.

Patty Lynn: What could be more important than being here?

Marietta: The new senators are being sworn in and they’re getting back to voting on bills and cabinet nominations. Important enough?

Patty Lynn: I guess.

Kathleen: Why are we all meeting here today, again? I appreciate seeing you all, but it’s a Thursday and we don't usually hang out in the middle of the week.

Marietta: I want us to get out there and volunteer for a great candidate in the special election for city council.

Kathleen: There’s a special election for city council? Who quit?

Amy: Me!

Kathleen: You were on the city council?

Patty Lynn: Excuse her, she’s uncultured.

Kathleen: No, I’m not!

Amy: It’s okay, Kathleen. You had a lot going on back in 2019.

Tammy: That was only a year ao!

Amy: It was? God, 2020 felt like an eternity.

Tammy: It sure did.

Kathleen: Why has there been a vacancy on the city council for an entire year? Shouldn’t they have had an election way before this?

Patty Lynn: They’re a bunch of cheats, trying every day to obstruct Marietta! It’s sick.

Marietta: Mom usually overreacts, but she’s right in this case. The city council wanted to pass the city budget they liked before they called a special election. They couldn’t risk another Landfielder getting into office.

Kathleen: A Landfielder?

Tammy: Her name for people who align with her politics.

Marietta: Speaking of which, the reason you’re all here…

Eliza: I’m guessing it has something to do with the lady standing at the door and waving.

Marietta: It does indeed! That’s -

Elena: Marissa Breyer!

Marietta: Sure is! Come on in, Marissa!

Elena: She came to volunteer at the soup kitchen last week when I was also volunteering.

Marissa: It’s cold out there, I’m glad you finally let me in. I was about to go back to my car for gloves.

Tammy: Another one who wouldn’t make it a day in New York!

Marissa: I saw you guys got a heck of a snow storm last night.

Tammy: I wouldn't know, as I live here now.

Marietta: Today, with Amy’s help, I announced to the world that I was endorsing Marissa for the city council race. She will help enact the progressive Landfield agenda, and she’ll help stop the obstruction on city council. She’s the perfect choice to lead for this city. History is happening in New Orleans, because we have leaders live her making way for a city that runs on greener energy, is -

Tammy: You don’t have to give us your whole stump speech, Marietta. We get that you’re supporting Marissa. You don’t have to convince us of anything.

Marissa: I must say, I’m so honored to hear you say these things about me and be so passionate about my campaign. I voted for you in every election of yours and was so ecstatic when you won the mayor’s race. I canvassed for you and everything, you were the only candidate that really wanted to work for New Orleans and not themselves.

Marietta: Look how the tables have turned!

Amy: No, none of that stung at all.

Marissa: I’m sorry! You’re great, too. A lot better now, though.

Marietta: I agree! I’ve made her much better.

Amy: Yes, you made me better. That’s it.

Marietta: Glad we agree! Now, you all know why I wanted to meet today. Are you ready to get to work?

Eliza: What exactly do you want us to do? I’m down for pretty much anything, It’s just that I’m not sure how to campaign since I was far too pregnant to campaign for you in 2019.

Marietta: It’s a lot of fun.

Amy: Eh.

Marietta: It is!

Amy: Not when you have to go to Iowa just for the Democrats to lose it by nearly double digits anyway.

Marietta: We’re not going to Iowa, are we, Amy?

Amy: I have no idea what your plans are?

Marietta: We’re campaigning in your old city council district!

Amy: Oh, then no. We’re not going to Iowa.

Marietta: As I was saying, it’s fun. We can to walk around the district, which includes Lakeview and parts of mid-city and Carrollton.

Eliza: I used to live in Lakeview!

Marietta: That’s right! See, I told you it would be fun! All we really need to do is knock on doors and hand out literature and talk about why Marissa is the choice for the city council.

Eliza: Why is she the choice for city council?

Marissa: Yeah, why am I?

Marietta: She’s a fresh voice that we need on the council to bring new ideas to a council that doesn’t work for the people anymore. Without her, progress will be stalled. Let’s get her the seat and get to work!

Eliza: Sounds good to me, I’m fired up!

Kathleen: Is there a way to help that doesn’t involve my legs and entire body aching tomorrow?

Marietta: Yes, but it’s not as fun.

Kathleen: What would that be?

Marietta: You can phonebank. Make calls on Marissa’s behalf.

Kathleen: I’ll do that. I’ll even make Martin do it. Just give me a script and I’m good.

Marietta: Sounds great!

Patty Lynn: I’m coming with you, Marietta!

Marietta: I expected nothing else. Are we all ready to get to campaigning, then?

Tammy: Yes! Let’s freeze our butts off for democracy!

That night, at Eliza and Elena’s…

Eliza: Elena, I loved that.

Elena: Which part? When Marietta slipped on the ice and Patty Lynn thought she needed to be rushed to the hospital for “internal bleeding?” Or the part where Amy’s shoe flew off and hit Tammy in the rear?

Eliza: Neither of those. Talking with people, though. It was liberating! I want to do ti all the time.

Elena: Jackson Square is beautiful this time of year.

Eliza: That’s not what I mean. I can’t go to a park and talk to strangers, they’ll put me in the nuthouse!

Elena: Would that be any different than going to Saturday night dinners at Patty Lynn and Martin’s?

Eliza: Not really. Still, though. I think I’m meant to do public service.

Elena: Come to the homeless shelter with me.

Eliza: I can do that, but that’s not what I'm made for.

Elena: None of us really consider it our dream job.

Eliza: I think I should run for office!

Elena: You? We’ve only been living here for a year. They’ll call you a carpetbagger which, then used to describe you, will sound profoundly homophobic.

Eliza: Let them call me whatever they want. It shouldn’t stop me from running. I care about the community, I’m a citizen, I’m an adult, what’s stopping me?

Elena: You’ve never shown any interest in politics before.

Eliza: It’s the family business! Maybe it’s time I do.

Elena: It’s not really the “family” business. You’re not technically a Landfield.

Eliza: You know what I mean.

Henrietta: What are you two fighting about? You woke up the kids.

Elena: We’re not fighting. Your mother just had one of her ideas.

Henrietta: Does she want to start an Etsy shop again? She lost money last time.

Eliza: No, I want to run for office.

Henrietta: What office? President of your book club?

Eliza: I didn’t think that far ahead. Maybe I can run for city council!

Henrietta: City council? Is someone retiring?

Eliza: I’m not sure. Maybe I can run for state senate. Or state house.

Henrietta: I’ll have your back no matter what you decide on, but maybe research everything first. That might be a good place to start.

Eliza: Good idea!

Three days later…

Marissa: Thank you all for being here with me to watch the results. You’ve really helped me gain momentum in these past few days, it was lovely to have all of you volunteering for me and even lovelier getting to know you.

Martin: We’ve never met before, but I believe in your message. Ma-

Marissa: Martin Landfield! Best Secretary of Transportation and Education, UN Ambassador, Mayor and Governor we’ve ever had!

Martin: Not to toot my own horn, but I was also a congressman.

Marissa: Oh, how could I forget? You inspired me to get into politics!

Martin: Me? Me?

Marissa: Yes, you. You came to my school when you were Secretary of Education and inspired me to get into public service. You’re the reason I became a public defender and the reason I ever decided to run for office.

Martin: That truly touches my heart, it’s an honor to make a difference in anyone’s life.

Kathleen: Not for nothing, I was also in Congress.

Tammy: Until Reagan’s coattails swept you out.

Kathleen: We don’t talk about President Bedtime for Bonzo.

Eliza: Marissa, can I tell you something?

Marissa: What’s on your mind?

Eliza: You are the reason I’m considering getting into politics. Campaigning these past days with everyone on your behalf, and getting to interact with all of these people in this great city has made me want to serve.

Marissa: That’s terrific!

Elena: Again, she’s only considering. We have a lot to consider, too.

Marissa: I hope you consider everything and jump into the political ring if you want to. It’s very rewarding but also very grueling. It’s not something for the weak at heart.

Marietta: You’re preaching to the choir, sister friend.

Patty Lynn: You have to stop saying that, honey. You sound even less cool than me.

Amy: I wish I would’ve gotten that on tape, that’s hilarious.

Tammy: Tape? What year do you think it is?

Marietta: And people say I’m uncool!

Eliza: Marietta and Aunt Patty Lynn, I’d like to talk to you about this if you’re up to it.

Patty Lynn: Whatever you want, I’m here to talk.

Marissa: I should go address the crowd anyway, I’ll leave you guys alone to chat.

Marissa exits.

Eliza: Elena, could I talk to my family alone? I need to talk to them without any distractions.

Elena: I am quite beautiful, I get it.

Elena leaves the room.

Eliza: Okay, time for a serious question. I’ve been seriously considering running for office. Not just throwing it out there for fun, I really want to do it. I think it’s important for me to run to represent my values and give my community a voice in power. Elena doesn’t agree. She thinks I need to get deeper ties with the community and thinks I haven’t been home long enough to run. She also said it’s too much work and that I wouldn’t enjoy it. I don’t know what to do. My state representative just announced today that he’s retiring and not seeking another term. This is my shot and I don’t want to waste it.

Marietta: Eliza, I’ll tell you what I tell every young girl who comes up and tells me their dreams of running for office: if you want it, go for it.

Tammy: People accused me of using Mitch’s name to get ahead and not actually being qualified enough to run. They said the nastiest things about me. If I worried about what people thought of my, I never would've run. Don’t worry about them calling you names and accusing you of stupid nonsense. Run if you want to.

Eliza: I appreciate that very much. I feel a need to run. This is my calling.

Martin: I don’t know anything about serving in the heavy minority in a state legislature, but I can’t imagine it’s terribly fun. However, I think if you want to run, you run. If you think this can help people, you should do it.

Eliza: I thought about what impact this would have, since I’d just be one part of a minority caucus, but Louisiana Democrats are resilient and we’ve got a governor, a senator and two US Representatives. I think I can make a difference. We can claw our way back into relevance in the chambers.

Marietta: I don’t see much stopping you. You’re clearly dedicated to this idea, and you’r every passionate.

Tammy: Ah, to be young with a dream.

Kathleen: You still have a dream! You talk about binging Scandal just about every time I see you.

Tammy: I meant a big dream.

Patty Lynn: I don’t think you should jeopardize your marriage.

Kathleen: Plot twist!

Patty Lynn: I really don’t! I love you, Eliza, and I think you’d be great in the legislature, but I don’t think you should go against Elena’s wishes like that. It’s too risky.

Eliza: She’ll still love me.

Patty Lynn: I know she will, that’s not the point. Love is about give and take. This is a lot to take. This is a big job, you’ll be away a lot and you have two babies at home.

Eliza: We’ve thought about that. That’s why I’m so torn.

Martin: Listen to your heart, Eliza.

Eliza: My heart’s confused!

Martin: I had a young daughter when I first ran for office. Patty Lynn was the one who did most of the work around the house and took care of the kids at that time, but it was still a hard choice to make. I missed a lot of Marietta and Milton’s childhood but in the end, it was worth it for me. You, and only you, have to be the one to decide if it’s worth it for you.

Patty Lynn: Include Elena, too!

Martin: Oh, yes. Her too!

Eliza: I wouldn’t think of not including her. Nothing will be final without her blessing.

Patty Lynn: That’s the smart choice. Cooperation is key, I always say.

Martin: You do?

Patty Lynn: I sure do!

Martin: I don’t know abou-

Patty Lynn: I do.

Martin: Okay, you do.

Marissa: Sorry, don’t mean to interrupt. I just need to grab my glasses. I can’t read my note cards and I want to try to memorize my victory speech and my concession speech.

Eliza: You’re not interrupting anything, don’t worry. In fact, Elena can come in as well. We’re done here, I got what I need.

Patty Lynn: I’m glad I helped.

Marietta: Did someone hear Eliza say that? I know I didn’t.

Eliza: You all helped.

Amy: You’re welcome.

Tammy: The narcissism in this group. I love it.

Marissa: If you guys are done, then can we turn on the TV and watch the results come in?

Marietta: It’s your watch party, you do what you want. 

Eliza: We’re all very excited to see what happens, we wouldn’t want to miss anything.

Marietta: It’s almost nine, better get it on now. I think it’ll be a short night. I’m very popular, my endorsement carries a lot of weight. I’m kidding, of course. It’s because you’re a great candidate and you have momentum. You’ve got this!

Marissa: I’m not so sure. McAndress has corporations and most of the city council backing him. This will be a real race.

Amy: I guess it’s good that you have my endorsement, then. I’m seen as somewhat influential.

Tammy: To who?

Amy: It was a joke, Tammy.

Tammy: Obviously.

Eliza: Oh, look! It’s nine o’clock!

Marissa: Results probably won’t be out until about -

The New Orleans Action News banner appears on the screen and anchor Leslie Clarks appears.

Leslie: Good evening, it’s nine o’clock in New Orleans, and we interrupt this episode of This Is Us for news on the special election in District A of the New Orleans City Council. 

Kathleen: I don’t think this is worth interrupting the adventures of the Pearsons over.

Patty Lynn: Be quiet.

Leslie: With twenty percent of the vote reporting, we can now project

Marietta: It’s happening!

Leslie: Lawyer Marissa Breyer has defeated businessman Anthony McAndress in what appears to be a double-digit victory.

Marietta: Did I tell you or did I tell you?

Marissa: Oh, my god. I really did it!

Amy: We did it.

Tammy: Amy, no.

Marissa: I think I need to go address my supporters out in the ballroom. I love my husband and so do my supporters, but he can’t entertain them forever. Mayor Landfield, would you like to come on stage with me? You can come, too, Amy.

Amy: Why, thank you. I’m so honored.

Tammy: You’re so desperate to be included in everything.

Amy: I feel a connection to this district, I can’t help it.

Eliza: Congratulations, Marissa. I think we’re gonna have to get home before you’re done greeting all of your supporters, so I just want to tell you now how happy I am for you.

Marissa: Keep in touch, Eliza. Hopefully sometime soon, we’ll both be serving this area in office in some way.

Eliza: That’s very kind. Thank you.

Marissa, Marietta and Amy walk out to the stage for Marissa’s victory speech.

Marissa: I was going to try to memorize this speech so you wouldn’t all have to see me read from note cards with my glasses, but I didn’t find the time to memorize it so you’re gonna have to bear with me, I’m sorry. I first want to thank our mayor, and my new friend, Marietta Landfield, on being here with me today. She was a crucial backer of this campaign, and she helped push me above the finish line in the last few days of this campaign. The day we met, she said something that has stuck with me. She said, “history is happening in New Orleans.” Now, I think that’s a quote from something but it’s very true. We are changing New Orleans. You’ve elected a progressive black mother of two who has devoted her life to serving the less fortunate as your next city councilor. In their endorsement of my opponent, The NOLA Gazette said “Marissa Breyer: Too Far Left to Serve.” That was their endorsement. Of him! I’m used to being underestimated and not being respected, it’s been that way my whole life. My goal now is to make sure that stops happening to other people who look like me. It’s the honor of my life to serve the people of District A on our city council, and I can assure you that I’m getting straight to work.

Fifteen minutes later, in the car…

Eliza: Elena, I spoke with my family tonight.

Elena: I know, Eliza. You made me leave the room, remember?

Eliza: Oh, yeah. I asked them about running for office. Aunt Patty Lynn had some good advice. She said I shouldn-

Elena: You should run, Eliza. I’ve thought about it and it’s not my place to tell you not to run.

Eliza: It is, though. You should have an impact in the decision.

Elena: Then count this as my impact. I’m telling you to run.

Eliza: Don’t tell me what to do!

Elena: Oh, come on.

Eliza: I’m only kidding!

Elena: Good, I didn’t want to have to strangle you tonight.

Eliza: Does this mean I’m running for office?

Elena: I think it does.

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