Find The Answer Season 1 Episode 1: The Premiere of TVRG Productions’ Quiz Show


Here is the premiere to Find The Answer, TVRG Productions’ first ever quiz show! Below is the form where you will find the questions and submit your answers. Each question is worth one point, and submissions will close at 7:59 pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, January 13. Good luck!

1. In Marietta Season 3 Episode 10, who suggests they run for city council?

2. Which of these shows is in our Syndication Ratings Database and was abruptly canceled?
-Schitt’s Creek
-Two and a Half Men

3. Which currently-airing show was the highest-rated show in the 1993-94 TV season? (Hint: 
Find the ratings from 1993-94 in TVRG’s Ratings History database.)
-60 Minutes
-Monday Night Football
-The Simpsons

4. True or False: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s ad rate never went below $15,000 for a 30-second spot. 
(Hint: Find our Ad Rates Database and click on ‘All’ under ‘The CW.’)

5. In College Season 3 Episode 5, what does Andrew say that politicians care about? (Hint: 
Look for the December 2020 section of our archives.)
-Specific policies
-Their own families
-Being liked

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