Amy Klobuchar To Star in Fargo Season 5

One of the top contenders in the 2020 Democratic primaries is becoming a TV star herself. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, noted on the campaign trail for her "midwest grit", will be starring in the just-ordered fifth season of Fargo. The series has set three of its four seasons in Minnesota, and Klobuchar also held a campaign rally in Fargo in February, where she filmed a screen test for the show. She's now officially been confirmed to be the lead character for the fifth season, where she will star as Diana DiMecco, a single mom who owns the town office supply store in the 1960s in Northeast Minnesota. Diana and her best friend Sarah (a hairdresser) end up getting drawn into a world of organized crime. Diana's estranged brother Pete, the town sheriff, begins to catch on to Diana's illegal dealings, which eventually leads to a reconciliation.

What do you think of this fake news? Would you watch Amy Klobuchar's season of Fargo? Let us know in the comments below!

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