Our House Season 2 Episode 4 - Our News Anchor (TVRGO Throwback)

 Our House Season 2, Episode 4
Our News Anchor

Teri: Mom! I’m home!
Betty: Teri! I was worried sick about you! Where were you?
Teri: I went shopping after work.
Betty: Christmas shopping?
Teri: No. It was my week to go grocery shopping and it’s 25 degrees outside so I’d really appreciate some help carrying stuff in.
Nobody says anything.
Teri: Ralph, come on. I helped you last week and it was 30 degrees warmer.
Ralph: I’ll help you. Just let me grab my coat.
Betty: I -
Teri: No, mom. You might get pneumonia and die.
Betty: I’ll be fine! Just let me help!
Teri: I was only joking, mom. That was your excuse all the time when I was young for why I couldn’t go sledding.
Betty: Oh, right. I’ll go get my coat on as well.
Teri: Thank you, mom. Anyone else want to help us out? I got your favorite kind of tea, Tammi. It’s a very cold day and I thought you could use a mug of it.
Tammi: I’m a little busy helping Steven with his homework, thanks for asking though!
Teri: You didn’t listen to a word that I said.
Frank: I did though. I’ll help you.
Teri: Just, no eye contact. Kidding!
Frank: Of, for a second I though you w-
Teri: Alright everybody, let’s go freeze our butts off so that all of these ungrateful people can have food for the week!
Fifteen minutes later, Teri, Ralph, Betty and Frank finish hauling the groceries into the house.
Danielle: I made you all hot cocoa! I was on the phone with my mom while you were asking for volunteers and I felt bad about not helping so I did what I could to repay you.
Teri: Thank you, at least someone cares.
Betty: Teri, can you grab some batteries for me? It’s almost time for the Masked Singer to come on and I really want to see the Tree perform tonight and the remote isn’t working.
Teri: That’s because you’re using the wrong controller, mom. This is the DVD player’s remote. This is the TV remote.
Betty: Thank you, Teri! Now I can watch Tree!
Teri: I don’t know what that means but you do you, mom.
Betty: Teri, look at the TV!
Teri: What, is the singing tree on?
Betty: No, the news! I can’t believe it.
The TV is turned to the Lakey Action News, where journalist Andrea Campbell is speaking.
Andrea: I’ve been working at this studio for much of my professional career. I started out as the go-to reporter for whenever there a car was rear-ended or a traffic light went out. Don’t get me wrong, those stories are important. But they weren’t what I aspired to spend my life reporting on. Within five years, I had already moved up to chief field reporter, which is a position I held for the next ten years. I covered the biggest and most sought-after stories in Lakey and the surrounding areas. That was my dream. Getting to tell the people from my hometown about the biggest stories impacting them. I spent the eight months as the in-house news co-anchor. The field reporter position I long held was no longer mine. It was different, but these past months have been a unique challenge and a great opportunity, one I never dared to dream could happen to me. Unfortunately, this new role will also be my final one at the Lakey Action News. Reporting for the people of Henrico County has been the honor of my life, but everyone has a time where they know they need to move on. That time for me is now. I’m not retiring from journalist, I don’t think that’s something I could stand. There isn’t any other job I’d rather have than being a journalist, and that’s what I will continue to be. Starting in December of this year, I’ll be working for NBC’s Today show. You won’t be seeing me in the studio alongside Hoda and Savannah, but maybe that’ll come some day. At the beginning, I’ll be heading back to what I know best: field reporting. My last day at the Lakey Action News will be next Friday, and over this next week we’ll be reflecting on my time her at LAN. We've got some special guests planned over the next week and it’s going to be a very bittersweet time for all of us. Thank you, and goodnight.
Betty: I can’t believe Andrea is leaving! She’s the one who interviewed me when I became the talk of the town after that robbery at the carnival.
Teri: Oh, we all remember mom.
Cindy: We couldn't go anywhere with you for months without someone recognizing you.
Karl: I thought it was kind of cool. Your mother was a celebrity around here for a little while and everyone knew her name.
Teri: You’re right dad. Everyone did know her name. Mainly because she said on live television that she shared a name with Bette Davis.
Karl: That may have been part of it.
Betty: Anyway, I think I should do something special for her now that she’s leaving. Maybe send her a muffin basket or something as a parting gift?
Teri: Would she even know who you are? I’m sure she’s interviewed lots of crazy old ladies in her day. She’d just think you were a stalker or something.
Betty: I think it’s worth a try anyway. You should always show kindness to those who you care about. I’ve welcomed her into my home for the past fifteen years, and I’ve grown to care about her. I’m sending her an Edible Arrangement.
Teri: You do that!
The next day…
Teri: Mom, pick up the phone! I gotta get to work!
Betty: Will do, honey!
Betty answers the phone.
Betty: Hello, who do I have the pleasure of speaking to today?
Martha: Hi, I’m Martha and I work with the Lakey Action News. You make have heard that Andrea Campbell is leaving the station next week. We were reviewing some of the most notable stories of her career and your interview with her was one we thought about a lot. It was definitely a very interesting interview and one Andrea herself called a career highlight. We would like for you to come down to the studio next Friday for a celebration of Andrea’s career, as long as you have the time.
Betty: Yes, of course I’ll come! I’ve been watching Andrea for fifteen years, I’d love to take part in this celebration of her career.
Martha: That’s great! The tribute will be airing during her final broadcast, which will take place during the 7 PM hour on Friday. Be here at around 5:30 that day so we have some time to get you camera-ready.
Betty: See you then, I’m excited!
Nine hours later…
Betty: Good, everyone’s home!
Tammi: Steven’s not, he’s at his friends house.
Betty: Doesn’t really matter, he won’t know what I’m talking about anyway. As you all know, Andrea Campbell is leaving the Lakey Action News.
Jerry: Where are you going with this, Betty? Some of us actually had to work today.
Betty: That was hurtful, but you can’t ruin my mood today. Because I have been officially been asked to appear on Andrea’s final show. They said my interview is one of the most memorable of her career and I’m so proud of that fact.
Teri: It’s not for a good reason, mom. Don’t be too proud.
Betty: You all just don’t want to give me my moment in the spotlight.
Cindy: Mom, this isn’t your moment to be in the spotlight. This is Andrea’s. You’re just there for the ride.
Betty: I respectfully disagree. This is my star turn.
Teri: Cindy, let her have it.
Betty: Thank you for the support, Teri. You were always my most supportive child.
Cindy: I object to that.
Ralph: Cindy, just accept the loss and move on. I did.
Betty: There is no loss here, I love you all equally. Teri is just a little more supportive of me.
Cindy: I am way more supportive of you. You’ve said as much before.
Betty: I’m not doing this, not today. Now if you excuse me, I have to go to the store to buy something nice to wear for my big TV appearance.
Karl: Don’t forget your coat, dear. It’s still freezing out there.
Betty: Will do.
Betty grabs her car keys and rushes out the door.
Tammi: She’s totally living in la la land, right?
Teri: Oh absolutely. She’s completely lost it.
Cindy: I’m sure she’s gonna insist on installing a new, red carpet in our house soon, because she’s a star now and she needs star treatment.
Teri: This is going to be even worse than the last time she was on TV. At least last time she felt some shame about the way she became famous. Now she feels like a full-on celebrity. Next thing you know she’s gonna demand we call her Meryl.
Karl: I think it’s very possible that you’re all overreacting. Of course, I also think it’s possible you aren’t. Your mother is a very unique woman.
Teri: Uniquely insane.
Ralph: Aren’t you the supportive one?
Teri: Only in her eyes.
One week later…
Betty: Thank you for driving me to the studio, Teri.
Teri: It isn’t a problem. The entire family wanted me to be her to make sure you didn’t try anything silly. And I wanted to be here in case you did. They’ll all be watching, so if you do go ahead and make a fool out of yourself, tell them I tried to stop you.
Betty: Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything. I’m just here for the celebration, no matter how involved in that I am.
Teri: I’m proud of you. I think.
Martha: Betty! Great to see you.
Betty: Great to be here!
Martha: Let me show you to the greenroom. You and the other five guests that Andrea has invited can all relax back there for awhile. We’ll be ready for you to go on in about an hour.
Betty: Oh, I thought we were going on at 7.
Martha: That was a mistake on my part. Andrea will be leaving after the 6 PM broadcast. So you’re all going to be on at 6:30, that’s the half-hour we’ve dedicated to her celebration. See ya then!
One hour later, Betty is called to the stage.
Martha: Alright guys, it’s very nearly time. Betty, you’re going up first. All of this has been kept secret from Andrea, she doesn’t know any of this is happening. As soon as you hear the end of the introduction by the narrator, Colby is going to introduce a “special guest”. You then will walk out and chit chat with her for a few minutes until the next guest comes along. Andrea’s not going to expect it but we sure hope she’ll be surprised.
Betty: Oh, I sure hope she won’t be disappointed for me to be her big surprise.
Martha: Don’t worry, we have plenty of surprises. If she’s let down by you, there’s five more career-changing stories and a whole bunch of old colleagues coming out to join her that should change her mind.
Betty: Oh. How comforting.
Martha: I hear the theme music playing guys, get ready!
Narrator: Live, from Lakey Studios Park in Lakey, Virginia, it’s the Lakey Action News at 6:30, with Patrick Colby-Howerton and Andrea Campbell.
Patrick: Good evening, I’m Patrick Colby-Howerton welcoming you to a bittersweet broadcast for the Lakey Action News team as we say goodbye to our friend and colleague Andrea Campell. Andrea has sat alongside me for the last eight months and she’s been a part of the Lakey Action News family for fifteen. It’s been a true honor to work alongside her for each of those fifteen years and I will miss her deeply. However, she’s not going just yet and we have a half hour of surprises in store for her.
Andrea: Surprises? I’m intrigued.
Patrick: I actually think there’s a special guest here to see you right now! A few, actually. But one very special one right now.
Andrea: Ooh! Who is it? I wanna see!
Patrick: Come on out, special guest!
Andrea: I feel like I’m one of those dumb judges on The Masked Singer or something. Who’s gonna be unmasked first?
Betty walks out to the news desk.
Andrea: My goodness, Betty Bellwood!
Betty: My daughter said you wouldn’t remember me!
Andrea: How could I forget? You're the reason I took the anchor job to begin with!
Betty: What? I am?
Andrea: Indeed. When Leslie Thompson announced her retirement nine months ago, it just so happened to overlap with my first interaction with you. My producers asked me to join the show as anchor and I wasn’t sure, but after I interviewed you I decided no field piece could possibly top it so I decided to take the job.
Betty: I can’t believe I’m responsible for this.
Andrea: You were an interviewee that every journalist dreams about: one that makes one of your pieces go viral. I’m pretty sure you’re also the reason anyone at the Today show even learned who I am. So you tell your daughter that you’re responsible for all of this.
Betty: Oh, I will.
Back in the greenroom, Teri picks up a call from Cindy.
Cindy: Are you watching this?
Teri: What? Our mother being told she’s responsible for Lakey’s #1 news reporter getting promoted to the Today show? Yes, I am watching it.
Cindy: This is just going to make her head explode even more.
Teri: Of course it is, it’s mom. Andrea merely telling her that she remembered her would’ve made her unbearable for at least a week.
Cindy: What the heck are we going to do?
Teri: Move to Tennessee?
Cindy: Mom would never go there. Good plan.
Teri: Why does she hate Tennessee so much?
Cindy: Her fiancé that left her at the altar when she was about 20 years old was from Tennessee and she vowed to never step foot in the state as long as she lived.
Teri: Guess we live there now until her head deflates.
Cindy: Oh my god.
Teri: What now?
Cindy: Mom and Andrea are hugging and Andrea is crying.
Teri: I gotta go, I have to see this with my own eyes.
Back at the news desk…
Andrea: You know, we don’t usually do this but it’s my last day here and it’s not like they can fire me. So, would you like to sit in at the news desk with me and Patrick? At least for the rest of this segment.
Betty: I would love to.
Patrick: Well, I don’t know how it could possibly stack up to this, but I think we should welcome our next guest!
Andrea: Yeah, let’s do that.
One hour later…
Karl: Welcome home, Betty! You did great!
Betty: I’m a star!
Teri: Damn straight.
Cindy gives Teri a puzzled look.
Cindy: That interview definitely took an unexpected twist.
Ralph: I’ll say.
Betty: At least no one can deny the fact that Andrea likes me, she really likes me.
Karl: I think we should go out and celebrate your big night!
Betty: How about Mandello’s on Main? It’s where I went after my big interview that made me famous.
Karl: Sounds good. Let’s go everyone, she’s a star and we have to give her what she wants.

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