NBC Renew/Cancel Week 19: Regarding Manifest

There's a lot of uncertainty in the TV world, but one thing's for sure: it's time for a new NBC Renew/Cancel! Keep reading to see where Manifest will land in this Manifest-centric update!

Certain Cancellation:
Indebted (0.4)
Perfect Harmony (0.4)

Likely Cancellation: 
Bluff City Law (0.6)

Leans Cancellation:
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For the Bone Collector (0.5)
Manifest (0.7)
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (0.4)

Leans Renewal: 

Likely Renewal:
Good Girls (0.4)

Certain Renewal:
Saturday Night Live (1.3)

Already Renewed:
The Blacklist
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Chicago Fire
Chicago Med
Chicago PD
Law & Order: SVU
New Amsterdam
This Is Us

Already Canceled/Final Season:
The Good Place
Will & Grace

Coming Soon:
Council of Dads

Manifest: This is one of the hardest decisions I've made all season. I don't think Manifest performed that poorly in L+SD ratings, and its weak retention from The Voice isn't even that weak in comparison to other recent slot occupants. It's still quite strong in delayed DVR ratings, but that isn't the demographic that NBC and their advertisers covet. There are cases both for and against renewing the show. Looking solely at the ratings, I would probably renew it, but there are other factors to consider. First, and this is a problem the show has always had, is that the show isn't solely owned by NBC. It's produced by both Universal TV and Warned Brothers, and is distributed by WB. NBC doesn't profit from the show beyond its first-run ratings in the way that they profic from the One Chicago lineup, SVU or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This isn't a kiss of death, not even for middling performers, as Sony's The Blacklist will enter season eight next year. However, the COVID-19 outbreak is now looming over the entertainment industry. Shows may not be able to film in time to be back in fall, and that would lead to the networks not needing as many shows to fill their schedule. At this point, I believe that this will lead to some middling performers being canceled that would have otherwise returned for additional seasons. Shows that don't make the networks a profit will probably not get the same leeway as usual. I fear that the unowned, just-OK in the ratings Manifest will fall into this category. In a different situation I think it would squeak out another season, but I'm downgrading it to LEANS CANCELLATION in this scenario.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to vote in the poll of the week!

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