Sitcom Scorecard: April 5-9, 2020

COVID-19 kept audiences indoors another week, though the inflation is wearing off.  Majority of the lineup "ticked down" meaning they lost a tenth or two.  Given how small these numbers are, why use melodramatic flare like "slid," "collapsed" or "plunged?"  Half of the lineup took off for various reasons.  FOX Sundays were a no-show again, likely as its post NFL ratings are embarrassing.  The only news to come out of this evening was Duncanville obtained a reunion.  Could FOX be eyeing a return for Animation Domination?
CBS Mondays had The Neighborhood and Bobishola return retaining most of the prior week's windfalls, and Bobishola has been upgraded to Certain Renewal due to strong performance among the five pilot offerings CBS gave us.  Slide over to Tuesdays, and mostly business as usual.  Wednesday only displayed one sitcom, Modern Family, went out with a 60% bang as it bounced from 1.0 to 1.6, and sliding the total for the season above the 1.0 mark.

Thursday evening appeared to be the night the parent/veteran series left the kiddies home without ratings supervision to see if the place would be destroyed upon returning.  CBS' results were promising as Man With a Plan (0.8) and Broke (0.7) managed to equal The Unicorn and Carol's Second Act.  FOX' Last Man Standing dropped to loney territory at 0.6, and NBC delivered mixed results. Superstore took the evening off, and Brooklyn 99 (0.6) and Will & Grace (0.6) performed decently, as Indebted (0.3) leached off the back of the schedule like a succubus.

Changes to ranks this week are Man With a Plan debuts a Likely Renewal and Broke Leans Renewal.  Sadly, The Unicorn and Carol's Second Act slide back to Leans Cancellation due to the spring class performing a hair stronger.



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