TVRGO April News Day

Welcome to TVRGO’s April News Day! Below is news of all things TVRGO.

Write Your Own Show
TVRGO is now taking submissions for new shows! Fill out this form if you have an idea and we will be in contact with you.

TVRGO has renewed College and Marietta for third seasons. They will return later this year.

Series Pick-Up

On a similar note, a spinoff of Marietta has been ordered to series, centered around the newly-introduced character of Gretchen Raymond. It is titled Raymond Island, and here is the synopsis:

Gretchen Raymond is the 77th Governor of Rhode Island, America’s smallest state. Despite its small size and population, Gretchen loves her state. They don’t love her. She’s one of the most unpopular governors in the country, no matter how hard she tries to be popular. She’s tried everything to grow her popularity, even trying to tie herself to popular political figures like former First Lady/Senate Majority Leader Tammy Yarborough and New Orleans Mayor Marietta Landfield, but nothing has worked. Her ratings are only dropping, never topping 40%. State legislators and the media don’t like her much either, and she almost-aways finds herself on the losing end of the battle. Even still, she’ll stop at nothing to try to improve her standings among Rhode Islanders.

Current Status of Existing TVRGO Shows
Bake Your Heart Out: Renewed for a 2nd season
Bar Exam: TBD
College: Renewed for a 3rd season
Finally Apart: Renewed for a 2nd season
Finally Back Home: TBD
Finally Growing Up: Currently being posted; TBD
Finally Together: TBD
Let’s Get Presidential: Miniseries; wrapped
Marietta: Currently being posted; renewed for a 3rd season
Network: Renewed for a 4th season
Our House: Currently being posted; TBD
Planet Z: Renewed for a 3rd season
Put Me In: Currently being posted; TBD
The Bullpen: Renewed for a 3rd season
The Book of Terri: Renewed for a 2nd season
Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream: Renewed for a 3rd season
Writer’s Block: Renewed for a 3rd season

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