Sitcom Scorecard: April 12-16, 2020

COVID-19, be damned!  The mild upspikes of America being homebound has come and gone with a penicillin shot.  The three highest-rated sitcoms were The Neighborhood, The Conners and Young Sheldon, all of which registered a solid 1.0.  While these numbers appear disappointing, all are in line with fall numbers, indicating some inflations came from COVD-19.  Dynamics changed, and ABC and CBS experienced mild changes in renewal predictions.

On CBS, Bobishola earned an upgrade to Certain Renewal as it has demonstrated it has improved the timeslot.  Pilot season is on hold due to this plague, and the networks have fewer options to leverage against the freshman shows.  Bobishola delivered the strongest results among CBS' stable.  Also earning an upgrade is Broke, bumped up to Likely Renewal.  It was weakest in critical acclaim, but fits Mom like a steamy robe after a shower.  Both depict strong working class women and perhaps CBS finally located a companion for Mom which didn't include cheap sexual humor.  Sadly, this doesn't bode well for critically acclaimed The Unicorn and Carol's Second Act.  Man With a Plan is still delivering strong but remains the lower valley between Young Sheldon and Mom.

Over at ABC, COVID-19 can either work for or against this year's weak deliveries.  Strongest on bench are The Conners, The Goldbergs, American Housewife and perhaps Black-ish.  The four remains all have a rough road ahead.  Schooled is retaining again yet is outsourced.  Bless This Mess cannot capitalize on The Conners' mild development bed.  And Mixed-ish and Single Parents weigh down their neighboring shows.

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