Jess's Take: International Co-Productions and Scandal's Last Hurrah

It is a whirlwind week for broadcast television as the networks prepare for their upcoming upfront presentations. With the craziness in television, it is long overdue for another installment of Jess's Take. I'm Jessica, and here's my take on the networks.

Taken's Renewed! Now What?
Taken was renewed on NBC yesterday despite low ratings. Many are speculating on international sales being a factor on its renewal for an expanded second season of 16 episodes. Here is my take on it: Taken is an international co-production, produced by the United States and France and filmed in Canada. With that factor in mind, this makes it cheaper than any other renewed show on NBC so far.

Because of its low ratings, I also have a premonition that it is Hannibal 2.0. Hannibal was also a cheap international co-production that has survived three seasons with low ratings throughout its run. Once again, international co-productions get renewed despite low ratings if the profits warrant a renewal.

Giving Scandal the Biggest Hurrah!
Scandal becomes the latest ABC show, joining LOST, Desperate Housewives, and Private Practice to get an announced final season. It has also been announced that the show will have less than 22 episodes despite airing in fall.

Scandal still gets respectable ratings, but apparently the story closes at season 7. Let's give this show a celebratory thank you for creating what TGIT is today!

And that does it for this installment. I'll let you know of my take on things as things heat up! Later, peoples!

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