Modern Family S8E19 Review

This week, the Dunphys embrace the 1920s, heading to Frank's wedding.

S8E19 "Frank's Wedding"

The Dunphys head to Frank's wedding, dressed in 20s clothing because that is the theme of the wedding, but the rest of the family gets mad at Phil when they discover that the dressing up was optional. This leads to Phil deciding to be normal, which worries Claire, Haley, and Luke. Claire, after talking to Frank's soon-to-be wife, realizes how important Phil's fun is, so she, Haley, and Luke make the ceremony fun. It is a really sweet ending, and I really enjoyed that.

Jay has decided that he can now say "no" to things without feeling bad about it, which is very funny. However, Jay ends up realizing how this leads to him missing out on things when he sees how much fun Gloria, Manny, and Joe are having painting Joe's wall. Also here, Joe worries about a monster in his room, and Manny tries to hide the fact that he came home past curfew. This part of the episode lacked in story structure, but had some good lines.

Cam's sister Pam visits, and Mitch tries to avoid getting himself into a situation where Cam uses him to stand up to her. However, Mitch gets on Pam's bad side when the modeling people want Mitch to be a model, not Pam. Pam reveals to Mitch that she is pregnant, and her reasons for wanting to be a model become understandable. Cam gets mad at Pam for eating some of the cake he worked hard on for an event, and they get into a fight, which leads to a great moment where Pam reveals that she looks up to Cam. At the end, Cam helps Pam give birth, and it's funny when Mitch doesn't help.

None of the stories this week were very complex, nor were they hilariously funny, but this episode had heart, sweet moments, and a good handful of laughs, making for a far from standout, but by all means enjoyable episode.

Score: 7/10

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