Shots Fired S1E3 Review

The investigation didn't make much progress in week two, but I hoped that week three could change that.

S1E3 "Hour Three: Somebody's Son"

In their investigation, Preston and Ashe look into the white kid's drinking, after they discover that he had alcohol in his system when he was shot, and he had once gone to rehab, though the mother denies that he had a problem. Preston goes to the fraternity that the kid was in, and discovers some racism that exists there

Ashe continued to struggle with her personal life, trying to schedule a call with her daughter. This was nothing very new, and the scene where she is called by her daughter and she gets mad at her ends up making me like Ashe less, which is really bad for a main character of the show. I want to like her, but this scene makes that difficult.

In other stories this week, the cop and his wife struggled with the negative attention on them, and the pastor gets the governor to visit the mother of the black kid who was shot. The former story is the definition of nothing new, as we already know all about this, and the latter was hardly any of the episode.

The slowness of the investigation really got to me this week, because not only was it slower than last week, but little else was accomplished outside of the investigation, and little of it was interesting.

Score: 3.5/10

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