Fresh Off the Boat S3E18 Review

This week, the unbelievable happens, Jessica gets sick.

S3E18 "Time to Get Ill"

The episode begins with a morning in the Huang house, as Jessica takes care of everything. The funniest parts of this are Emery's combs and Jessica not letting Evan wear sandals, mentioning Jesus. Jessica, though in denial, gets sick. Eddie sees this as an opporunity, and he gets Emery and Louis on board easily. The task here is convincing Evan, which is fairly entertaining. The guys go to the grocery store, which is very entertaining, especially when Evan acts somewhat like Jessica, and when Eddie wants to buy a cardboard cutout of a woman.

They all watch the fight on TV, and are shocked when they see Jessica on TV. The guys confront Jessica, and she tells the story of what happened. It is hilarious when Jessica gets excited about the fight from Honey's comparison of it to Melrose Place. At the end of the episode, the family shares their feelings about how Jessica is always watching them, and it's entertaining when Evan tries to pour his cereal and milk in the morning. The end of the episode is also very funny, with Evan having lost a bet on the fight with Marvin.

This was a good episode. There weren't too many big funny moments, but it was pretty consistently entertaining.

Score: 8/10

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