The 100 S4E5 Review

This week's episode deals with the characters trying to prevent war, which is something that this show really does a lot.

S4E5 "The Tinder Box"

The episode begins with a couple of medical situations. In an odd beginning, Raven has a seizure, and Abby helps her. Shortly after that, Octavia makes it to Arkadia, and Clarke helps her. Octavia is able to warn Clarke about the war that is on its way. Clarke confronts the army, and speaks with Roan. Raven wakes up, and now knows how to make nightblood, It involves going into space, but Raven has a solution for that as well. Roan and Clarke talk. Meanwhile, Monty informs the grounders that Riley plans to assassinate Roan.

Raven discovers that part of ALIE's code is in her head. I guess that is a decent enough explanation. However, Abby discovers that Raven could end up having a stroke that will kill her after using her brain to this extent. Raven insists that Abby let her go, even if it kills her, to save everyone else. Roan and Clarke decide that the 100 spots should be split between their people, which really obviously should have been the decision from the beginning, Bellamy tries to talk Riley down, in the best scene so far tonight, where Bellamy talks about what war did to him, and why he doesn't want that.

Octavia goes to stop the grounder from destroying the entire ship. Unfortunately, she is unsuccessful. From a distance, Clarke, Bellamy, Roan, and Echo see the explosion. Everyone in Arkadia evacuates the ship, as Clarke and those with her arrive. Bellamy finds Octavia, which is a really sweet moment. At the end of the episode, there is a strange moment where it seems like Abby is going crazy, as she sees Clarke, and when Clarke turns around, her face has been damaged by radiation.

There were a few good moments this week: Raven being willing to sacrifice herself, Bellamy talking down Riley, and Bellamy finding Octavia. However, the rest of the episode was slow-moving, and the solutions Raven came up with seemed to come out of nowhere and were too convenient.

Score: 4/10

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