Designated Survivor S1E14 Review

This week's episode provides us with a story where American lives are in danger, and Kirkman doesn't have much time.

S1E14 "Commander-in-Chief"

At the start of the episode, Hannah and her team attempts to capture Charlie, the other survivor of the bombing, but he escapes. It turns out that he wants immunity for information that he has. Kirkman meets with a former president, who tells him how he thinks he's doing, and gives him some advice. Kirkman talks to Charlie, who reveals that he was told to name Kirkman as designated survivor. Charlie explains why he never got to give anyone the information he had before the bombing occurred. I really enjoyed the flashback here, because it was intense.

Kirkman and the former president talk again, this time about lives, and it is a great discussion having to do with the weight of being commander-in-chief. The former president advises Kirkman on whether or not he should prioritize American lives. The former president insists that American citizens must be put first, because it is Kirkman's responsibility to protect them. This scene is great, because you can really feel the weight of the decision Kirkman has to make.

Aaron tells Kirkman that he intends to resign, but Kirkman wants to keep him. Aaron sees himself as a liability to the administration, and believes that his resignation would protect the president. Kirkman asks the former president to be Secretary of State, and that seems like a good choice for this character, considering how he has advised Kirkman on foreign matters this week. Aaron says goodbye to Emily, and while I never really cared for Aaron, it was a nice moment. Kirkman gives Hannah more power, which is a great move as well.

I thought that this episode was stronger than the recent ones, because the episodic story filled the time and didn't drag on, like the plots of the most recent episodes have.

Score: 9.5/10

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