American Housewife Season 1 Episode 17 Review

Tonight on American Housewife, Katie intervenes in Viv's marriage, and it doesn't go well for her.

Viv comes over to the house, and she and Katie talk about her husband. Katie decides that she needs to get involved, because that's just who she is. She tries to help, but causes Viv to get angry at him. She confronts him about it and he doesn't like it, so she leaves him, and now wants to stay with the Ottos. Katie and Greg are Viv's only option, because pretty much everyone else is dead and she doesn't have any funds. Katie and Greg's lives are horrible now, all because of Viv. They come up with a plan to get rid of her, because they can't take it anymore. They go to visit Alan, and they try to get him to take Viv back. Katie starts to get angry at him, and she curses at him and storms out. Since Viv lied about her credit cards being frozen, Katie confronts her. It turns out that Viv stayed with them because she wanted to be with a "happy" family. Katie tells her to divorce Alan,

Greg tries to get Taylor and Oliver to close the cabinets, and they don't listen to him. Katie tells him to not do the things for them, or they won't listen. He threatens to take away their allowance but they do not care. When he runs into something because of them again, Greg takes desert away. And they still don't care. The cabinets are open again, and he unplugs their Xbox. They get upset, and he tells them to close the cabinets and go to their rooms. He also puts them in charge of putting Anna-Kat to bed.

Greg gets Anna-Kat to sleep on her own at long last. However, Katie gives her room to Viv, and she has to sleep with Greg and Katie again. Now, Anna-Kat has brought her horses and other toys into Greg and Katie's room, and she's going to sleep with them forever, because Viv says that nothing is more sad than sleeping alone. Later on, Taylor and Oliver put her to bed, and

This was a pretty good episode, but not one of the best of the season. The Taylor and Oliver story wasn't all that funny or interesting, and Anna-Kat didn't really get much attention this week. Katie's story with Viv was the best part of the episode, but even that one wasn't as good as most Katie stories.
Episode Score: 8/10
Episode Grade: B

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