Modern Family S8E18 Review

This week's Modern Family tells four stories, each which take place over the course of five minutes.

S8E18 "Five Minutes"

Mitch and Cam are on a plane, and they take sleeping pills. However, the plane has mechanical issues, so they have to take another flight. They struggle to figure out what exactly it is that they are supposed to do due to the pills, and while that is funny at first, it ends up becoming a bit much. When this story ends, it's about time.

Phil and Claire visit Alex at college when they haven't been getting much response from her. They are concerned when she seems to be making a microwave burrito and has a cat, but it is then revealed to Phil and Claire that Alex is dating Ben. Claire's reaction to this is pretty funny at first, but her negativity becomes annoying.

Manny tries to parallel park, and when Jay offers to do it, Gloria brings up that Jay likes to jump in and complete other people's things. They have a squabble about Gloria's storytelling skills. Unlike the previous stories, this one is brought to a nice conclusion, with Jay telling a personal story from his childhood.

Rainer proposes to Haley, and she says yes (for some reason) because she apparently doesn't want to overthink it. However, Rainer thinks he may have made a mistake after his weather prediction turns out to be wrong (and his reaction to the weather was a rare funny moment for him), which leads to Haley thinking that being with Rainer forever may not be the right choice.

Both the Mitch and Cam and the Phil, Claire, and Alex stories started out funny, but the former went too over-the-top and in the latter Claire got annoying. Manny, Jay, and Gloria were easily the best this week, with a story that really worked. Rainer and Haley's story really just displayed why this relationship is really dumb.

Score: 6/10

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