Mom S4E16 Review

This week, Christy and Adam are in a car accident, and Bonnie is upset that she isn't trusted.

S4E16 "Martinis and a Sponge Bath"

Christy gets home, and informs Adam that her car broke down, by which she really means that she ran out of gas. Christy and Adam have a funny dialogue about this, and about how Christy's habit of riding the zero got started, with a funny joke comparing an occurrence to Hanukkah, as Adam gives Christy a ride. Meanwhile, at the coffee shop, Jill asks Marjorie to write something for her to say that she would be a good parent, and Bonnie is upset that she wasn't asked. Then, Marjorie gets a call that Christy was in a car accident.

At the hospital, Bonnie complains about not being Christy's emergency contact. There are some good lines here, especially "not everyone likes their mother". Bonnie then discovers that Adam was driving the car, so she goes to his room. It turns out that his emergency contact is his ex-wife. Bonnie insists that she can take care of Adam, but then realizes that she can't because she has Christy to take care of. At home, Bonnie asks Christy questions that the doctor told her to, which leads to some great jokes. Bonnie calls Adam, and then decides to go to his place because she doesn't like his ex taking care of him, until she remembers she has Christy to take care of.

Christy wakes up to Jill, as Bonnie has left to, as Jill puts it "pee in a circle around" Adam. Jill is excited to use this as an opportunity to practice what she has learned in her mommy classes. However, Jill ends up being hilariously focused on her needs and problems rather than Christy's. Jill discovers that parenting can be tedious. Christy tells Jill about what she got out of being a mother, and it's funny when Christy acts like Jill's mother. Bonnie rivals with Adam's ex, and there are some funny lines over there. At the end, they end up getting in a fight, which is fairly entertaining.

There were a lot of funny jokes this week, although it went too far on Jill being self-centered, and there was a bit much of Christy and Adam's ex's rivalry.

Score: 9/10

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