Superior Donuts S1E7 Review

Racial bias is dealt with this week on Superior Donuts after Franco is frisked by a police officer.

S1E7 "The Amazing Racists"

Franco shows up to work late, as he was stopped and frisked, which leads to a discussion about racial bias. Maya decides to press a buzzer on her phone after each time someone says something biased, which is pretty funny. Randy decides to hold a community outreach meeting, which is held at Superior Donuts. Franco tells the cop that frisked him about how he puts his hood on when he's cold, and that he likes to jog, and that is funny. After the meeting, Arthur discovers that a special baseball has been stolen, and believes that one of Franco's friends stole it.

A police report is filed, and it is pretty funny when Franco asks why the officer that frisked him is handling the case, instead of Randy and James, and it turns out to be because they have to go to a sexual harassment seminar, due to something Randy said. Franco discovers that his friend did still the baseball, but while on his way to give it to Arthur, the same officer frisks him and finds the ball. Franco tells Arthur, Randy, and James what happened, and everyone in Superior Donuts confronts their biases. It's funny when they turn to Maya to figure out how to confront their biases, and she doesn't really have an answer.

This episode was often very predictable, but there were an acceptable amount of good jokes in there, and I really liked the ending.

Score: 7.5/10

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